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Re: Queen of Cups18
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QOC seems to hesitate to give people news that their poi has love she’s negative towards love. I remember I asked her and she just said “I’ve got lots of love cards here” and didn’t say much else.

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Re: Queen of Cups18
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How is she in regard to timing?

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Re: Queen of Cups18
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I have been talking to her lately and not regarding anyone from my past.  More career related issues that I can verify extremely quickly.  Hesitant to give details here because I am not sure if the readers scan these sites and I do not want to say anything negative until I can determine whether it is truly warranted.  She has actually been very pleasant with me, but I am honestly concerned about her accuracy.  She gave me 2 predictions that I should be able to see very soon if they are correct and these are not things that are subjective.  But really starting to doubt the accuracy of anyone on Keen.  I must have asked all of the people everyone recommends a direct question over the last month about whether something career related would happen and everyone swore it would.  That is just proving to be 100% false.  At least she told me there would be a delay, which is why I started only calling her.