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I have wondered this for a while.  Maybe a psychic can chime in and answer.  I know everyone's different but I'm sure others have wondered this too, so I'm going to ask.

I have noticed a pattern, even with the best psychics.  Your first call is great, there are so many hits, and the information is flowing. The next call is meh, and you might even be looping back around what you discussed last time.  Sometimes if you keep reading with a psychic you feel like they just aren't as good as they were in the beginning. Let me also say that I don't read with the same psychic often I try to give it some space in between, I think 3-4 weeks is reasonable.

 What do you think it is? My current theory is that they only get so much "psychic impression" then they fill the rest in with assumption fillers.  I have heard others say, "maybe they were lazy" this would lead one to believe that psychic work is hard work that needs a ton of mental focus, could be.  However, anytime I've gotten my own psychic information it comes to me no matter what I'm doing it breaks through my current thoughts with ease,  and it's so sparkly I just can't see it for regular information, it somehow feels different.
Have you experienced this in your readings? What do you think is causing it?

This is also something that has been bothering me a lot as I'm on both sides of the spectrum and is very very confusing but I have my own theories and experiences on why this happens and I'm going to explain why. Like most of us, most (in my case nearly all with a couple of exceptions) of the readers who were really accurate the first time, were not so accurate the second time. My own cards and readings have been consistently accurate in certain cases and no matter how many times I asked or how I was during the time, I kept getting the same or similar cards and outcomes.

Now, when you ask the same reader, the same thing or even a totally different thing over a short period of time and the accuracy is "meh" at best, it happens because of two reasons:
1. This reader, and especially if she/he is a popular reader that delivers hundreds of readings per month has simply mixed up the energy with someone they had read just before you and they asked a similar question. The psychic was clueless at that time but they were involuntarily picking up energies from the previous reading with another client and forgot or didn't know how to properly cleanse the energies. By cleansing, I mean smudging tools and cards before and after each reading or meditating and grounding their thoughts and energy before they start another reading. Some psychics are aware of these cleansing methods in-between readings but they do not choose to follow them all the time because they eat up time and resources. Personally, I am an amateur reader that does less than 30 readings per month and I smudge my cards and meditate as often as I can but I can see why a professional and popular psychic with hundreds of clients per month would not have plenty of time to do such thing.

2. Similar to the first one, due to the high amount of readings they perform in a short period of time, they literally burn out and their psychic senses are not strong enough some days. Even a plain 3-card tarot reading takes plenty of energy to perform, and so imagine how much energy more extensive and combo readings will need. Most people ask multiple questions on the same subject and so energy waste is even higher. But, because they don't want to lose any repeat clients like you and me, they take over readings that they really can't deliver at their best of their abilities. Personally, I would really appreciate if the reader would say something" I can't perform the reading right now since I'm drained and burned out or  sic, if you can wait X days or weeks, I will deliver"  I would gladly wait for more to be given an accurate reading instead of a reading that looks and feels rushed and inaccurate. But most readers don't do this in fear of losing their clients and business.

And the irony is that we are led to believe that reading ourselves isn't the best thing to do because there is always a chance of wrong interpretation because of our emotional attachments to the outcome. This will happen at first if you are inexperienced but if something is truly set and meant to happen, you will pull out the same cards or feel the same things no matter how many times you ask or what your current mental state is. There won't be energy interference from others simply because you won't be reading and messing up with the energies of other people that much.

Personally this is what has prevented me from becoming a professional reader that delivers readings en-mass. If I ever become one, I will place a limit to the readings that I handle per month and will advise people not to contact me about the same thing all the time, until a significant time e.g a month has passed.

Ethical readers will not encourage psychic addiction and will prefer to lose money instead of giving you a rushed reading just to please you, who surprise-surprise isn't that accurate as it was the first time.
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« Last post by Sparkle002 on Today at 01:14:12 PM »
Well I think I now know what Mattie was talking about when she mentioned “Las Vegas” and a “gamble or me taking a gamble”

Well POI 4 and I were supposed to go on a trip (his work trip) but his job changed the destination last minute to LAS VEGAS. At this time I wanted to get clarity on what we are doing - basically he said he didn’t see a future for us but was open to continue to date. My gamble is to continue to date him or not pretty much.

I am hoping for news on a job - looking at this now - she said it was linked to this person and all of this happened around the same time so i definitely think this was a timeframe marker.

For now I’m taking the gamble - well cause I just want to lol


April reading - most of this I’ve updated in the thread as to what came to pass- but I’m highlighting recent stuff

1. Positive things coming in romantically (rambled on this topic for about 8 minutes) - like saying “I just see positive stuff coming” , things taking off, starting blocks, etc....
2. Two guys that are different (but didn’t describe anything about them to differientiate) - other than one guy around me at the moment lol
3. May/June - life seems to look a lot brighter, talks about my own intuition - she felt excited about my future
4. Las Vegas, gamble or gamble I’m taking? She circles around this ...
5. Someone I am going to let go of and doing it with kindness....there are 3 Guys and one will be let go...maybe someone you dont have much interest in
6. I get you walking with a you like to walk? I’m enjoying talking while I’m walking with a guy (like really lol) - Ill be going somewhere remote and enjoying solitude - trip and building a relationship. We are both putting in effort towards a relationship. Beginning of something that is slowly building up
7. I asked which of the 2 guys she saw or if it is a new guy - she said one will want the real deal and I will welcome him home. He could be away or at a distance. There could be someone that booldozes this guy over - we may think its one guy but it may be the other, there could be another one that has distance but comes in an unusual way

This was literally the first 10 mins - again, I’m sure Ill know when stuff happens but this stuff is so dern general  - like didnt describe which of the guys or what ....and walking? Like I dunno omg.

Next 10 mins...

8. I asked specifically about POI - she describes him lightly - but accurately but said he would come forward, but then there is another guy and then got confused on which one would be coming forward based on her general predictions above....
9. Someone comes in in an unusual in real life, natural way
10. Hoping for news on a job - linked to this person
11. I’m having a renaissance in my life
12. POI will be more obvious and apparent ...but there is another person
13. One guy on left one on right and one behind my back and I cut one off
14. Thinks when I meet someone else, it will jumpstart POI
15. There is a guy who is going to do flowers and dinners....
16. Confirmed POIs feelings etc
17 . Indiana Jones - someone is going to be masucline where actions speak louder than words...she wonders if POI but then there is this other guy
18. This guy coming forward will be putting effort and wants to settle down and will want marriage

Basically she keeps going back and forth between POI and another guy ...its confusing
I have no idea who this other guy is, I’m sure he could come out of nowhere but who is doing what?
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by Sparkle002 on Today at 12:58:57 PM »
I hear ya Sparkle. Nothing like a prediction that feels kinda ominous coming from several trusted readers. Because I wasn't really getting readings that much then it was only Yona who predicted the move. QoC though predicted a move for my partner and I brushed that off, too (because I don't pay attention to QoC's predictions beyond a couple of weeks and mainly because my partner hadn't mentioned it.) So when he announced he was moving I was like 'whoa!' Worked out very well since he's a few minutes away now ;)

Oh wow!! That was a pretty nice hit for QoC. And that’s awesome he lives closer to you!
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by SeeDoSay on Today at 12:58:48 PM »
Wow!! Crazy how that happened!

About 3 years ago, she predicted a move for me and i had no intentions of moving at the time - then lo and behold 2 months later I broke my lease and found another place that was bigger and cheaper!

Although I’m linking my prediction for someone moving my property, it still could happen that I could move (maybe after I get a job)...I’d have to break the lease tho. So it would have to something cunning that would make me break another lease. I really don’t wanna move - almost 3 other readers see it for me and it’s making me anxious smh.

FWIW wanted to chime in on the Yona '6 of swords' card and predictions. This thread here jogged my memory so I went back and reread my very first reading with her a year and a half ago. This is what she said:

"I already mentioned 6 of swords, in what direction your life is going in general, you’re looking at 'where am I headed, where am I going to be in 5 years?' But it’s also an indication that you’re going to reconsider relocating. Again that’s flagged up with you have a new beginning in the house card. So one of the first things I pick up is very likely you’re going to be moving in the time frame that this reading is going to cover. "

At the time, yes, I was very much in a contemplative mood about my life in general, etc. etc. I had no intention of moving, however, so that prediction I kind of ignored. Well lo and behold, two weeks after my reading my landlord tells me he's putting up the apartment for sale which of course put me in an awkward position. I could have stayed if I wanted to, but it made me uneasy since I'm a homebody and am very bothered if my 'space' is threatened. Fast forward a week of me being anxious, wondering how I'm going to deal with all the realtors coming in, etc., another apartment opens up in the same building and I find out about it through a random phone call. And within two months of Yona's reading, I had moved into my new place. Talk about being accurate, and out of nowhere.

See! I keep getting other readers predicting a move but not for me, for my POI.

And they keep saying September (which is lol considering the other thread going on today but...) in Yona's reading she said "random guess of a timeframe I'd say September"
The Vent / Re: Dont you just hate it when Psychics say this....
« Last post by WinterElf on Today at 12:47:32 PM »
Spiritminded was the one who predicted him coming into my life and also she said, " If you do not listen to others and not let others influence the relationship, it should go well."
She was right but as each reading went on, it got worse etc.... I called after we had a small misunderstanding a few weeks into dating each other. 
Phoenix rising saw it coming and was so correct for every man in my life. before him i always had her saying it wouldnot work out and it never did despite my best efforts but this POI was the first she said that i would have a relationship with... and Marceejay saw him coming.  Jessica spirit has been the most accurate about him since dating and also QOC and Aquarian Psychic.

be careful with spiritminded and marceejay and do not feed them information at first because they can run with a bad story even if they are really accurate.

My anxiety caused issues but he did also.... and also jealous people who didnt want to see me happy and with him... and readers who made fake predictions of him being with other women etc that caused me to react or be upset.
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by greekgeek on Today at 12:34:15 PM »
I hear ya Sparkle. Nothing like a prediction that feels kinda ominous coming from several trusted readers. Because I wasn't really getting readings that much then it was only Yona who predicted the move. QoC though predicted a move for my partner and I brushed that off, too (because I don't pay attention to QoC's predictions beyond a couple of weeks and mainly because my partner hadn't mentioned it.) So when he announced he was moving I was like 'whoa!' Worked out very well since he's a few minutes away now ;)
The Vent / Re: When you cant let go
« Last post by pRoFeSsOr777 on Today at 11:32:31 AM »
You speak of dreams. Last night I had a dream abt my poi again. Its like my subconscious is playing a wicked and cruel game against me. Every single time i feel my emotions letting go and i feel like im moving on I get a dream that brings all the memories back. But you are so right. I need to focus on the reality of the situation. Its been a whole year and no reaching out. Doesnt matter what psychics say. The actions or non-action says clearly that im not important enough or loved enough to fight for!!! May this reality give me strength. I have a reading with Yona coming up in the next month.... I continue to release an intention to the universe that she be given all the wisdom and insight as well as a special power to put everything into words perfectly for me, so that I can finally find closure, accept what my reality actually is, and that I can love myself enough to move on!
« Last post by poorprincess on Today at 11:22:20 AM »
Thanks @embibems and everyone! It is what it is and I think it is part of the reality of the addiction. The important piece is we learn from it and we help one another.

Love to all of you! Have a great Tuesday!
The Vent / Re: All the predictions line up 3 months from now
« Last post by Sparkle002 on Today at 10:53:59 AM »
Oh yeah I just remembered, I too got a September prediction from Joanna's Gift.  Yeah all signs point to September.  Now lets watch, come October I'll bet we'll still be here trying to figure out when it will happen.

Lol right!
10 / Re: Rusty is amazing
« Last post by Sparkle002 on Today at 10:22:47 AM »
Surprise guys! I tried her. So yes - she definitely picked up right off the bat that I was looking for a job, she saw my POI 1 in the past and described him pretty well. Right at the begging of the reading (I ask for a general love reading) the Ace of Cups came out. She mentioned this mature guy coming in - basically to keep it short - described POI 4 to a T. She got the Lovers card and all that. So we will see. Didn’t really get time frames other than the lovely September for a job (I mean this is like the key month for love and money for me lol)...she basically got the details around POI 4 correct down to personality. Lines up with other readers (except Cookie she doesn’t see me in a relationship at all this year). It’s so odd, usually most of my readers are in alignment with Cookie and this time they are not. Just scared she will trump all again. Time will tell. She also got me moving as well (sigh).
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