Author Topic: Any Predictions that came true from Purple Garden /Purple Ocean?  (Read 16031 times)

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Re: Any Predictions that came true from Purple Garden /Purple Ocean?
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Psychic Logan
Psychic Priscilla
Jashoda Starlight
Divine Visions
The Dream Teacher
Sasha Love Psychic
Advisor Cynthia
Psychic Goddess Erika
Visions by Julia
Scarlet Star
Modern Mystic Psychic
Jessie J
Raven Star
Relationship Coach
Psychic Sheena
Psychic Betty
True Love Tarot
Sydney Storm
Cheyenne Nicole
Christina waters
Psychic Lynn

Psychic Carrie
Lily Oak
Psychic Jewels
Love Psychic Hannah
Psychic Aria
Truth Intuitions
Victoria White
Spiritual Cris
Psychic Willow

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Re: Any Predictions that came true from Purple Garden /Purple Ocean?
« Reply #61 on: December 14, 2019, 09:28:50 PM »
Recently caved in and got some more readings on my POI at Purple Ocean.

Psychic Jewels - Said that it is inevitable that me and my POI will be together and we have a blatently obvious connection and it will happen. Unable to predict dates.

Truelovetarot - Said POI is all over the place and communication will happen within 4days - 4weeks (it was 4 days!). Said would be a few months of them sorting things out and come Feb-April we should be close and they will come forward.

PsychicGoddessErika - Said POI does see me as relationship material but when I had the reading it was not the right time (August) but they do feel something and are soul searching. This reading would go up until February-ish.

1111Giovanni1111 - Said POI is holding back and surpressing their feelings and they will make contact on the 3rd week of December and the earliest we would be together is mid-January.

Hopefully all 4 are correct and my POI comes forward at the beginning of next year but it's most likely false hope as we have gotten closer and they have pulled back and haven't made contact with me or replied to my earlier messages in days :(