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Re: Choosing psychics before you found the board
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I know that keen used to take 20%. I'm not sure if it's still the same or not. Even if you only got to take 1 dollar per minute home, that's still 60 dollar per hour! Even if you made only $30 in that hour, that's till $30 per hour! Lol. I mean, at 7 bucks per MINUTE and more..........just wow. Those people are making bank off of those that are hurting and having problems. A lot of people go broke calling them. That's why I like the readers that tell you not to call them for said amount of time so that you don't waste your money. You can tell that they aren't in it for the money. Then you have those that will just let you call them 5 times per day and they have zero issue repeating themselves and could care less about your finances. I don't know what percentage these other platforms take, but, like california psychics..........15 bucks PER MINUTE???????? That's just waaaaaaaaaay too high. Greed runs this world unfortunately.

Keen takes about 60% now. It never used to be that high.