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My Bitwine experience - Rachel Marie, ARI etc
« on: March 02, 2023, 03:54:40 AM »
I’ve never believed in the power or accuracy of psychics.
However, I was in a bad place in 21/22 and decided to give Bitwine a shot.

Read with a lot of psychics. Some of them were total bullshit. But, some of them were absolutely on point.

Listing down the ones that worked for me :

Rachel Marie : She’s a sugar coater for sure, but she is the ONLY one who saw something happen for me in the timeline she predicted. Her smaller predictions are 50/50, but she’s right about the intentions, present feelings and the overall future. Everything she says eventually does happen. I was amazed. She is 100% legit.

ARI : She’s such a kind person. You’d love talking to her not just for her accuracy but also for the advice she gives and kindness she shows. Her empathetic abilities are way too accurate, and she’s good at reading the present and the near future. She’s also good with career predictions.

Miss Ann : Her wheel of fortune reading is good

Autumn Rivers : Good at reading the present and very affordable

Avia : Always accurate in career readings, and overall feelings/ intentions

Hope this helps.
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Re: My Bitwine experience - Rachel Marie, ARI etc
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2023, 11:49:58 PM »
Putting down mine:

Rachel Marie : Picked up some details that surprised me, predicts contact for Oct, things are getting better next year.
ARI : Basically said poi is not a good person, manipulative type.
Miss Ann : Her tarot cards show contact and travel this summer.
Autumn Rivers : 20% chance poi initiate contact, he feels stuck. 
Avia : Asked number 1, 2 or 3, I gave 3 and picked up three tarot cards, her interpretation of the card was good.
Arel Psychic: Empath, nailed down poi's personality.
Aloha Tarot: Contact prediction failed for April.
Alexis Moon: Contact prediction didn’t happen in April.
Prime Love Specialist (Shawn): He surprised me in his first reading, but second reading wasn't so great.
Psychic John Luke: Sees a positive movement, summer months are promising.
Lauren Divine: Contact prediction for April failed. I won’t go back to her.
Latecia: Another empath, nailed down poi's personality.
Angela: She sees this connection is getting stronger not weaker. No time frame provided. I had a second reading with her and she basically told me the same things. I won’t go back.
Annette Marie: Her contact time frame failed, it was in March, did not happen.
Dino: Sees a positive outcome, this will take time, not an overnight thing.
Emily Nixon: Contact for spring, travels at the end of summer. (Contract prediction for Aries time (March/April) didn’t come through. Waiting for summer predictions to occur.
LeeLoo's: On and off communication here and there. 
Autumn Miranda's Insights: Her guides show "Ju", June or July possible contact.
Celeste: Keep him as a contact, stay open to dating. 
Dannie: She was kind of rude, didn't provide much insights.
XPsychicVisionsX: Good reading, I am satisfied.
Intiuativecait: Picked up tarot cards for each question and repeated the information I provided. 
TheStarOracle: She does not see poi is changing. He is dishonest.
Miss M (Mandarava): She is a numerologist, described poi dark in spirit, has addictions.
Psychic Reader Peter Sousa: Picked up the situation correctly and provided contact time for end of summer/fall time.
Merry Moon: Tarot card reading, very general. 

Hope this helps, feel free to send a DM if you have any questions.


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