Author Topic: Looking for addicts to interview for writing/podcase project--confidential!!  (Read 207 times)

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Hello Community,

I am doing a writing project on patience and have an element about how we rely on psychics to provide timing and how we manage through the timing. Also, psychic addiction. Having gone through some spells of time when I was heavily dependent on readers, I understand the insatiable urge to call and get answers, the anxiety and the urgency that rushes through as we wait for our advisor to pick up.

If you are interested in being interview confidentially and sharing your story with me, please be in touch.  This will be a written project with potentially a brief podcast to accompany it, so if you are willing to be interviewed on tape, please indicate that too.  I will be very happy to use a pseudonym to protect your privacy.

Serious inquiries only.

Thank you and be well,


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hello, i'd be interested to be interviewed. drop me a message on here with your email x