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My friend wanted to call a psychic
« on: November 19, 2019, 07:34:57 PM »
ONE FRIEND IS GOING THOUGH MAJOR DEPRESSION.... and she had never called a psychic before but she was thinking about it. she told me that a few weeks ago and i am glad i talked her out of it.  Seeing her pain, it was just like mine when i got addicted to them.  There is a hole there that people have when they go to psychics that can never be filled. it only irritates the wound. 

I know for a fact she would have gone on a binge if she had called Keen or Kasamba etc.  IT's over a guy she cant get over and it has been 2 years.... and she is so hurt about not having someone in her life now.  Psychics who were accurate can only see so far into the future because people they said i would never hear from, are now back in my life.  With so many people getting ghosted in this day and age, business is booming for psychics and many folks are going to them to soothe an ego or hurt feelings. I get it and i am so upset when i see keen advertising on youtube etc because people really cant get their answers on keen, only worry and sorrow.

I am coming to realize that nothing is set in stone.

Even super accurate psychics will change their prediction if you call them a few weeks later esp if you are not feeling confident. 

They always start with him being distant but isnt that a common sense guess because if he was not being distant then you would not be calling lmao

Things change but if you keep calling like i did, the situation cannot improve or move forward.

Even a lady who used to be psychic reader told me that she quit doing readings and went into jewelry making. She would make a few predictions while i talked to her about stones etc but it was very casual and she was right but she knows how i try to stay away from readings and psychics. and she would make general predictions but not about a specific person which i appreciated.