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Re: Do you believe in “signs”
« Reply #60 on: January 19, 2020, 03:00:08 PM »
A few nights ago I dreamt of my ex out of nowhere, we haven't talked and have been split up in almost 4 years. I don't miss the guy at all and barely ever think of him, so no clue why I dreamt of him. I basically dreamt about our relationship and going over to his country to stay with his family like I did when I was with him and in the dream it was really nice and happy, when in reality he was abusive violent and nasty to me. Basically the dream was the more healthier and happier version of the reality of our relationship.

That same day his name came up on YouTube when I typed in a song to listen to which was completely unrelated to him, plus his name wasn't English so believe me, it was a rare name to come up.

Then I'm watching a comedy and at the end of the comedy during the credits comes on a classic romantic song that he used to sing to me often.

That's 2 signs in one day, but --- did he make contact with me, have we spoken? Nope, and I honestly don't care that we haven't as I don't want any contact. But definitely this shows that we can see things and have things happen which are very good coincidences - doesn't mean they miss us or we are meant to reconcile or talk again.

Sometimes I think google, with amazon alexa, Siri are getting better at knowing what we think we want ... and we perceive as a sign is subtle advertisement

I also think these “signs” - sometimes show up as the universe way to poke the badger within; however not reacting is the goal, on something like this, karma completed, which can also be misleading and triggering.

Yeah the universe is a strange old thing, it was odd because this ex I dreamt of I don't miss at all or have absolutely no intentions to speak to or mope about, we haven't talked in years. It was odd having the dream and 2 "signs", but for me it was just pure coincidence.
Probably it was him thinking about you.

It could be, but I'd be surprised. It was very toxic and abusive and in the end it got to the point where we hated each other and blocked each other because it got so unhealthy. So if it makes any sense at all I would be surprised if he was thinking of me because usually when a relationship is so toxic you both get to a point where it's dead and there is no going back.

Sometimes guys will think of somebody and when time goes by they may feel if he could make things work out better, then it comes out from your dream. :)

I would collapse if I found out he regretted how he treated me or acted, or even began thinking of me. He was very very narcissistic and abusive and made my life hell the whole time I was with him, very abusive in multiple ways.

Personally I don't trust dreams, I've had a dream about POI1 who I got addicted to for over a year. I was walking down a street with friends and he is on the other side with his friends. We stop and look at each other as our friends walk on and I eventually turn away from him and walk off, then momentarily look back and he is looking at me sad. In reality he told me himself he has absolutely no feelings for me and to move on, and he eventually got with someone else.

I'm sorry about what happened between you and your POI star.

Of course dream doesn't mean much for everybody just sometimes means for me.
But yeah I had some weired signs experience as well.

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Re: Do you believe in “signs”
« Reply #61 on: February 15, 2020, 07:39:16 AM »
Hi, new here. I do believe in signs. But I also sometimes don’t know what to take as a sign. I think I had one the other day. I went through something recently that made me say I’m going to try psychics. I have not contacted any yet, I’ve been researching them ( that is how I found this board) I follow one on Facebook and she posts horoscopes. I usually ignore horoscopes cause mine never ever apply to me ever. Well on Monday something bad happened.  I messaged a friend about it. I opened up the fb app and it opened up with the psychic page front and center on a horoscope, specifically on my sign. And it said exactly what I was feeling. And it was posted that morning. I never checked it. Now I can’t say for sure it’s true because I don’t have any proof of what I think about my issue. But it said EXACTLY what I messaged a friend and this was before it happened or I messaged her. I scrolled through her horoscopes and they have said what I have been thinking is possibly the issue. One friend checked hers and said hers was almost always spot on too. I’m taking it as a possible sign to go with this one

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Re: Do you believe in “signs”
« Reply #62 on: February 15, 2020, 07:42:53 AM »
Also sorry for long post. And I know, no poets and I’m talking about a psychic being correct on horoscopes. I sound like I might be trying to get business and am the psychic. I really am not. I’m going to call yes, but I still don’t have proof that her horoscopes are exact for me. They did say something about my situation and what I think. But it is just what I think at this time unless I ever actually find out. It’s just hit close to home in what I have thought about