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Heyyyyy! This chapter has been closed since April and I’ve moved on already (and dated a few men since) lol...I’m just updating this thread based on outstanding predictions 😉

There are some still remaining on him so I’m updating until I meet Mr POI 5.

POI 1 will probably be in my life for a bit

On the next episode of the Sparkle Show...

**Surprise Surprise**

Hey peeps its me...Sparkle. So Guess what?

Cookie said - back in October (on an unexpected reading) -
“Someone is going to surprise you, someone is going to surprise you with a Change of heart.”
I asked her to describe who it was and I knew immediately it was POI 1. She said he could become more consistent.

She said “out of the blue, unexpectedly, he could come around and surprise you”


Out of the blue, he calls me yesterday and asked me what I was doing for Thanksgiving and if my family was in town. (My family was in town last year and he came by and met everyone - the day before Thanksgiving).

This year - I’ll be just hanging with my sis and her husbands fam. Anyway - he said he wanted to take me out that night. Now, peeps, its typical of him to ask me out, I mean he randomly asks me out here and there, but his FOLLOW through SUCKS lol. So I dont trust him when it comes to him wanting to take me out.

WELL, can you believe it, he took me out on a real date, dressed up and all - we went to a nice dinner and party afterwards. YEP - WE WENT TO A PARTY TOGETHER. That was DEFINITELY a surprise to me. I’m not making a big deal of it, it was just surprising as Cookie said. While we have been on dates in the past, we’ve never attended an “event” together like that lol

For those of you who have tuned in to my story - I’m sure you can see how refreshing that was after the debacle with POI 4. This entire thread was created about POI 1 lol

POI 1 has all ways been a really sweet guy to me, its just his follow through SUCKS.

I’m at a good place with him....we actually stopped officially dating back in April and hang out here and there. But it was just a while since he actually took me on a “date”.

So prediction wise. ... I recently read with Matilda and Kisha and both mentioned he would be coming back around (as he always does). Matilda saw this happening within  2 weeks....and Kisha couldn’t see the timeframe but actually saw us meeting up, and saw there wasn’t any bad blood between us.

BUTTTTT - This will end. Why? Because this new guy everyone has been predicting will come in and want commitment. Kisha has told me several times that while POI 1 is around the new guy “POI 5” will ultimately take the cake. Cookie saw that this would play out with me and POI 1 for 2 years....and right now its been 1.75 years. And it seems right at the 2 year mark is when I’m supposed to meet this other guy.

Cookie and Yona specifically told me that POI 1 and his baby mama situation would play out where they would go to court and handle the custody...well THAT HAPPENED.
He called me a couple of weeks ago and told me he got his visitation rights and all of that.


As for POI 5 “The New Guy” I have not met him yet. Kisha told me within 2 months (on her own) she keeps describing the same guy and it matches the same exact description as Indio, Sherrylynn - some tall athletic guy with curly/wavy hair. Cookie told me I could meet this dude in 4-6 months - back in the beginning of September. Which is still in the same time Kisha is seeing and same as what Sherrylynn and Matilda originally predicted for Feb. However, when I read with Matilda she did give me  a new timeline of mid to late summer (no not meeting him but being in a committed relationship ) again this is Alll on her own - no questions asked. Kisha also saw the summer as being a time where I would be in that place as well

Just as a reminder...while I still have romantic feelings for POI 1 (and he does with me) I dont want him in a committed relationship. So I never call to ask about that - I just get a general to see whats coming up and he ALWAYS shows up in my readings based on the description, then at the end I ask about him and what they say (Cookie and Kisha and Matilda) matches what they say in the general. THATs how I know who is who lol

Happy Thanksgiving!

Het sparkle happy thanksgiving!!!!  I am happy that you are in a good place.  Maybe now you can close this chapter and move on?   If you know hes not your guy?

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Great update thanks Sparkle.

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Wanted to update this before I go live my life and go to this pre-season game/tailgate 😜

My latest Kisha reading from 8/20 mirrors EXACTLY what Cookie and Indio specifically said to me a couple of months ago.

They all described this new guy (that I will be committed to) as the following:

- 6ft tall
- Mixed (either exotic looking or very light or Caucasian) - Kisha specifically saw Mixed/or not sure if 
  very light African American, Cookie saw Mixed/Caucasian, Delores - mixed/Caucasian and Indio
- Works in Healthcare, IT/Computers - Indio and Cookie specifically said this
- Owns his own business - Indio and Cookie specifically said this
- Connected to Art, Writing and a Gallery - Matilda and Cookie specifically said this
- Dude drives a super high end black car - Matilda

(Some of these things are similar to POI 1 - the nice black car - (he drives a black Porsche and Mercedes Benz) , and owns a business. Cookie also mentioned a Dark guy (who matches my POI 1 as well - she even said the guy connected to art and wanting marriage could favor POI 1 but it’s not - but she sees this mixed person as well lol)- so I am ready for mix ups here - because they see him coming forward as the same time as this other person)

Overall ALL these readers are seeing this person THIS FALL from Sept-Nov showing up:
- Dude wants a commitment and marriage
- There is no question or confusion with this person
- He could scare me emotionally because its too real
- Longevity
- Has the car, the house, friends, popular, no drama or lingering baggage

It comes down to 3 guys all coming at me at the same time this fall - but only one is really really  going to want to be serious - Venus, Indio, Mattie specifically said 3. Kisha and Cookie specifically say “more than one” - but it seems like the relationship committed part wont happen officially until next year.

So it sounds like POI 1, POI 4 and the NEW GUY. Mattie and Cookie said it would get down to 2 that are Very Different from each other and I let one guy go....based on the details of the readings, it appears it will come down to POI 1 and the NEW GUY and I will let POI 4 gooooo <--<-- This kind of happened. POI 1 took me on a date last week, heard from POI 4 a few days ago - and there was that other random guy I met, but isnt the guy that everyone else he is seeing....sounds like he is coming up

Well y’all know what I do folks - Ill update this thread if any of this stuff is right. Usually when all my readers are on the same page with SPECIFICs something happens (see the earlier part of this thread for reference lol) ...STAY TUNED!

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Sparkle, I just want to personally thank you for all of your updates. I enjoy them so much and I look forward to reading them. I’m so jealous that all these readers connect so well to you! lol I’m just trying to find one that can connect that way to me.

Please keep updating us! Oh and just wanted to mention that I’m from Texas too!

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I enjoy the updates as well! Fellow Texan here too!

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Tshine that’s so cool. I’m in southeast Texas. What part are you from?

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« Reply #201 on: December 07, 2019, 02:58:57 PM »

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Sparkle, I just want to personally thank you for all of your updates. I enjoy them so much and I look forward to reading them. I’m so jealous that all these readers connect so well to you! lol I’m just trying to find one that can connect that way to me.

Please keep updating us! Oh and just wanted to mention that I’m from Texas too!

Aww thank you!

@tshine and @piggynose
Hey Fellow Texans! I've been one for 5 years now and love it  ;D

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I found out that the blue information that Cookie was wrong about actually happened with a different person lol

The specific prediction was something about going to a restaurant, practicing(a religion)/eating, families - well this turned out to be with a guy friend who also was East Indian (like POI 4 lol) and we went to an authentic Indian restaurant
Also, she kept asking if POI 4 liked to cook, well - it was my guy friend who liked to cook and not him. It dawned on me after I realized that they were both the same race, and he said he loved to cook (POI4 hates it) and when we went to the restaurant with a bunch of families on a Sunday

She SEES stuff but sometimes will mix what she is seeing with one person - usually, she does say she sees multiple ppl but this time she put it all together


So I just came back from my wonderful trip with POI #4.

I did not ask specifically about anything other than “what do you see coming up with my love life or what do you see coming up with my POI and I”.

The following readers were right:

MATTIE (CP) April 2019
“I get you walking with a you like to walk/hike? I’m enjoying talking while I’m walking with a guy (like really lol) - Ill be going somewhere remote and enjoying solitude - trip and building a relationship. We are both putting in effort towards a relationship. Beginning of something that is slowly building up <OMG SO THIS HAPPENED! WE HIKED on a trail next to a beautiful blue river (We got in and swam too lol). We were WALKING and TALKING around the city. We went somewhere REMOTE when we went for the hike. He told me we are dating exclusively and wants to get to know me more

VENUS (CP) June 2019
 “I see 2 trips coming up. He mixes trips with work. One where there will be some sort of delay that had to do with work - and he is telling the truth. This trip seems to have been an overnighter. - We had an overnight trip that had to be cancelled. The other trip is a longer trip…I see you walking where there is WATER to one side” This was the HIKE/RIVER!!

   as far as relationships here for you what I'm getting. And I think that this is more so something that's coming up like in the shorter term, it seems as if though, you have some shifts that are coming up here, like, while we're kind of somewhat still in a period where it's not necessary kind of fully into the warmer months, but it's getting warmer, so you still have some transitions that come up that are coming up for you in the spring, that will put you in a position to give you a little bit more stability. In the summer months. Over the course of the next three months, the guides are saying that you're going to have a period were it feels as if though though you have a relationship. The relationship shows me that it's like this developmental type of stage. So it's not necessarily the most solid relationship, but you have the opportunities kind of built up. So you're going to kind of have a beginning stages of building up relationships and just kind of forming the foundation for things here. So you show is being active in terms of being able to date or spend
Time with a male energy here, the male energy that I get coming up is someone who is definitely.

And he's saying that he wants to make sure that he's pursuing, he wants for you to know where he's going to make sure that there's an effort that he's showing for so you can know that he goes on to pursue things <He told me we are dating exclusively and wants to continue getting to know me! he feels as if though, he has had some sort of shifts or changes in his life here where changes that he's made here that will in some way impact your relationship with each other, we're kind of help your relationship. So this is someone that saying, Hey, I kind of put my life and this space here where it's more positive. And I want to make sure that the relationship that I'm in, I can give full attention. So he has this thing here about wanting to do given the relationship attention.

Over the course of the next two months or so, you are going to have a little bit more of like an increase of time together. And it also looks as if though there…There's times I spent together, kind of in general, just you guys being able to spend time together. But it also looks as though there is going to be a period of being away, you're going away. So you also may have, it may not be something that is like a full week of vacation. But it can even be something that was just over the weekend, but you kind of have a period where you're kind of going a little bit this where you're going away, but you still spending time together. So you just may I don't want to be a weekend getaway something of that nature. But that shows up here for you…” - THIS HAPPENED


Most recent reading June 7th:

“You have a trip coming up right?” You are going to have a wonderful time. This is the start of something big. He is interested in getting to know you. This will be a very sensual trip”

April reading:
"You're planning a trip. I mean, well, you have a trip coming up for work, but I don't know what kind of trip you're referring to. It was no, no, no, no, it looks like work. It looks like we're Oh, looks like you going west. Traveling West somewhere, you know, you got your briefcase was still nice work related. But it's still going to be a pleasant thing. I just want you to know, it's going to be because you're in a position right now, where you're learning about money and power. So the trip is going to be a very pleasant and this is probably where you meet this guy told you that is a person from another culture. And he is clearly from another culture. I mean, you can people can look at you and know, when they look at the two of you that you are from two different races or cultures.”

Who was wrong

As a matter of fact she got a lot of stuff wrong. She said his parents own or run a restaurant. Nope - they are retired living their best life and do not own or have anything to do with a restaurant. She said he dated a woman with kids - he said he never has (he doesn’t want kids so yeah no). She said "when he meets your children and you meet his children" - I said Cookie we both dont have any kids lol. She didnt even see this trip coming up on her own - I was so surprised about that! There were things she said that were right but, most wrong smh.

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"February" - This seems to be a consistent timeframe for my readers and this new dude.
Basically ALL of the NON CP Readers (except Tajah) get FEBRUARY

See below in blue - just as a note, I never ask if I will be in a relationship, I just ask whats coming up and they all have come up with the relationship stuff on their own.

Specifically - the following readers see the same thing:

Kisha, Matilda, Sherri Lynn, Tajah, Indio

- The guy works in IT
- The guy has dark hair - wavy or curly (All said dark, Indio, Kisha and Sherry Lynn said that he could be mixed or have the curly wavy hair) - All see the dark hair
- He is between 5"11 and 6ft

(These are recent details on this dude) however....

Tajah told me today that there are 2 guys coming up -
1) Works in the medical field, like a medic or a radiology tech or something - this kind of matches what Cookie has been seeing - she said a guy who works in a hospital wears a green uniform or scrubs and works around others who wear green
2) THe other guy works in IT and she saw me working closer with him? I dont know - Kisha said the same but she didnt see him working at my job (I work in IT though) she did see him doing the same type of work I do , Cookie has been seeing a guy that could be at my job and he could do the same type of work I do

Who knows

Stay Tuned!

On the next episode of the **SPARKLE SHOW**

"Hot Girl Summer"

Well guys, I’ve had a couple of guys circling around me that I have been dating just as Mattie, Cookie, Kisha and Matilda said (starting back from this April - except Matilda, my first read with her was last month). None have been consistent just as Cookie predicted (she said anyone I meet online will not be consistent and here we are lol) - but the guy/s that I meet in person will be...that hasn't happened yet

Since then, yes I have dated a couple of guys outside of POI 1 and POI 4. Yet, both of them are still in the picture. ALLLLL of my readers picked up several guys around me and boy oh boy let’s say its been crazy!

Anyway, everything comes down to THESE KEY THINGS that ALL readers have picked up:

1. I WILL BE IN A COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP - all are saying I have not met this guy yet, I will meet him between September and November and will be in a committed relationship with this person by or before February of next year. They have all said I will meet this guy out and about and NOT online.  I did not ask about being in a relationship - this was picked up on their own  ;) (asked only GDT because she requires specific questions, and only asked because everyone else was picking it up on their own.)

2. POI 1 WILL COME BACK AND WANT A RELATIONSHIP - yes, you heard that right folks. Everyone has been picking this up recently for me and I'm quite shocked. Why? Because the last year most of them said he didn’t want a relationship - but was tied up with the Baby Mama. While this was true, he definitely still has feelings and all that but isn’t consistently around at the moment. However, Kisha, Matilda, Cookie and Mattie all SEE HIM COMING BACK AROUND AND WANTING A RELATIONSHIP (not just coming back).  They all saw the period of time he would be in the background and distant through the summer but will become more consistent maybe starting around September where he is wanting to offer a relationship by next March. Cookie said I will be confused and not want him in the future. Kisha said I won’t want him because I’ll be in a relationship. Cookie stated that it could last up to 2 years with me and POI 1 and that is what seems on track <-- Although he came back and took me on a nice date - in Kisha's recent reading she said he wouldn't be ready for any type of relationship until a year from now. She did see he does have romantic feelings there (true). She also said I wont care because I will already be in a relationship (she has been consistent with this) - and even if or when POI 1 is ready he prob wont be able to offer what I want. SOOO True. As you all know I dont want a relationship with him - I told Kisha that - she just went in the direction of relationship on her own. What's funny is that Tajah, Kisha, Cookie and Venus saw this dude around for years and years and is never really going away lol. Which is fine because we do have a friendship so that makes sense.

3. I WILL HAVE A CHOICE - Apparently I am supposed to have a REAL choice (not the type of "choice" Yona says lol) between the NEW GUY and POI 1. They have been predicting this consistently for the last 6-8 months and the new guy wanting commitment over the last year.

4. MY EX CAME BACK  - my ex that started me on the psychic calling back in 2014 (we ended our situation in 2016, but started dating in 2012) - COOKIE predicted his return TWICE, MATTIE saw him as well, and I believe RUSTY picked him up. Let me be clear - he did NOT come back for a relationship, his dumb ass just wanted to have sex. SMH

5. POI 4 is STILL in the picture - since the blowup things have gotten back go a nice space (Venus, Matilda, Golden Dawn Tarot all saw that we would be coming back together) - HOWEVER - KISHA, MATILDA and COOKIE continue to not see a committed relationship from him. GDT initially saw potential, but when I asked directly (without asking about potential) she saw dating but nothing committed. Venus said he will be saying things he hasn’t before and will be showing care that I haven’t seen and this literally just happened. Per my last post, he has been different - caring, communicating more and all that...even talking about future plans (so all readers where right in the sense that he is emotionally connected when he said he wasnt emotionally connect to me -  he is showing that lately)

With that being said - here are the following readers that said I would be in a relationship
and/or I will meet the person who wants a relationship by SEPTEMBER: <--CLEARLY THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. I DID MEET A GUY RANDOMLY IN NOVEMBER but nothing will come of that.
* GDT - by end of the year
* VENUS - September
* Leanne  - September
* Indio - September
* Delores
* Rusty
* Mattie

* Kisha - September/End of the year <-- Recent Reading from November stated February - so she changed the timeframe lol
* Matilda - November, solid relationship by Feb 2020 <--Has been consistent with February and also saw July as stable
*Sherry Lynn - Sees me in a relationship in Feb 2020 (from August Reading)

* QoC- no mention
* Yona - no mention
* Tajah- no mention <--Read with her today and she saw the exact same guy/s Cookie and Kisha saw and said February
* Tara- no mention (haven't read with her in a year)

* Cookie- no relationship “this year” (as of June 2019 reading)<--SHE WILL BE CORRECT (the JOKER WINS) However, in a recent reading she said "I could say you will be in a relationship in 2 months (February) but I don't want to say that because you haven't met the person yet, then 2 months will come and maybe wonder why you aren't in a relationship. So you have to meet the person first"

I will definitely update if I meet this new guy lol

Until the next episode!   ;D 8)
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love your updates!

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Thanks for the updates!! I hope that 2020 gives you that relationship that they are predicting!!  I hope that this will be my year too!

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Aw thank you all! Hope it's everyone's year in 2020!

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UPDATES - "are specifically to readings" and
EPISODES are "things that happen in real life that are matched with an actual PREDICTION"  :D

I was bored and read with Venus. She is in my "group of go to readers".
Havent read with her since July.

Asked her about my love life - and dammit she echoed what everyone else said.
Specifically it will happen real soon - within the next month or so....

Im introduced to this person - around alot of ppl
Guy works with alot of numbers - like Finance or IT and travels, works with alot of numbers (Like I do)
Recently got a promotion and will probably stop traveling
Havent met this person yet (all of them say this)
We get along and talk and talk and both of us are interested in a relationship - HOWEVER

At the TOP of the call she picked up on POI 1 - she said "he wont let you go" (yes he wont) "he doesnt know how to be in a relationship, not because he is a commitment phobe, but his fear of failure - due to too many failures" - he literally told me this exactly in April when we stopped dating officially.

She said I would be confused and would have to make a choice between him and this other new guy.
Its like feelings are lingering for POI 1. (Literally all of my readers told me this). But its more or less him not wanting to let me go completely. OH WELL!!

We still see each other on and off - and Im cool with it. But ready for someone who is ready like me.

When Im officially in a relationship with the new guy and POI 1 stops HAUNTING my readings (I swear they bring him up on their own!!) then this thread will officially be THE END lol. POI 1 this thread was all dedicated to you booboo LOL.

What I find funny is that what if I meet a guy that doesnt fit all of their similar descriptions LOL
I know Ill eventually meet and be in a relationship with SOMEONE...just dont know WHEN.
So we will see if this random guy I meet by FEB is here for real of just a fluke!

Stay Tuned for the next Episode of the Sparkle Show!

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Wow! I can’t wait to hear what happens!!