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Looking for help/suggestion
« on: March 13, 2018, 06:47:03 PM »
Hi All,

Looking for some tips/suggestions. Please stay on topic and share similar stories.

Met a man - Per many "popular" and "accurate" psychics I met him as predicted and in the correct timeframe. One psychic even nailed that it would be long distance (at the time I had NO travel plans). They all had predicted that hes "the one" "soulmate" etc. I never really cared because I was hung up on my EX.

Suddenly I booked a trip and met this guy as described. Indeed there is an intense connection however the way things have unfolded has been absolutely terrible/wrong than what was predicted. No one pitched me a fair tale and I was warned of certain things, however no on picked up on whats happening right now.

Of course I have been binging and I connected with some of the psychics that I had spoke to and they can not seem to explain what happened or why things went down hill so rapidly.

I dont believe the BS about "oh he is scared" "oh the connection is so deep he cant handle it".


1. Has this ever happened to anyone? If so, please share your story.
2. Do you guys think that our spirit guides only show some things? One psychic basically said well I only see what your spirit guides showed me. I asked her to ask my spirit guides why they would be so F'd up lol. She basically said oh its free will etc.
3. After a certain event took place recently I went on a binge and spoke to a couple of "good psychics". Half said not to walk away and just give it some time the other half said walk away hes an a**hole (makes the most sense at this point) but I am just curious to see if anyone has been in this position.

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you!!!
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Re: Looking for help/suggestion
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2018, 08:05:05 PM »
Been there twice. I haven't had great luck with psychics. I have stopped readings completely because I just don't believe them anymore.
And I had a long distance relationship in the past too, didn't work out either. The guy didn't stay faithful

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Re: Looking for help/suggestion
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2018, 12:32:29 PM »
I agree with Love-33. I can't explain how they nailed those things, but the most popular/recommended psychics on here have been 100% wrong for me.

You really just can't trust them, even if they get things right. I had a psychic I used to read with years ago who completely nailed every guy I read with her on and they were all negative outcomes and almost all of her predictions happened. I read with her on more than one guy in the last year and she was completely wrong on all of them, and other predictions she made make no sense and are very unlikely to happen.

The readers are just a waste of time and money, and all they end up doing is creating more confusion rather than clarity. It's been close to a couple months since I've had a reading and I haven't really been on this site much either. I think this site actually can make things worse because although it's supposed to be a support group, it just feeds the desire to read when you see other people say that so and so got this or that correct.

As a side note, I've never had a LDR before, but if you really think about it, the chances of it working out are slim to none unless one of the people already planned on moving to X country already. Otherwise, there is no way for it to become long term and end in marriage unless someone moves to the other person's country. I don't really see how it could work out. Anything is possible I guess, but to me it's similar to trying to be with someone who is already married - there is a major barrier between the two of you.