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Psychic Accuracy
« on: November 19, 2021, 07:51:27 PM »
If other, then who?

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Re: Psychic Accuracy
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(CP) Poema--amazing remote viewer, intensely psychic--tells you stuff in the present --details--names, settings--you dont know but can later confirm--she works with the police on missing persons and crime scenes....I can see why

(CP) Luna--intense psychic has been exceedingly accurate on feelings, thoughts, integrity (or not)  of others 90% the time

(CP) Hana--can be a REAL mindblower --intensely psychic, VERY gifted--delivers accurate info

(CP) Uli HAS been accurate in predictions for me out of the blue--detailed and specific-- but she's missed too

(CP) Almandine--very good, amazing at times--detailed info that proves accurate, extremely sincere

(Keen) TrueVisions blew my doors down --BAM! out of the gate with uber specific details--I had to keep her on the phone--loads of pertinent info

Yona--I DO NOT GET THE HYPE---much vague gobbledegook that needs layered thanks.

Cookie: Strong psychic, more in the present in my experience but pretty astonishing at times with her ability to 'feel' and see what is happening

QofC: Has been right and wrong for me, but without a doubt has a powerful gift
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