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Self regulating tips
« on: June 08, 2024, 03:29:39 AM »
I found some of these videos helpful for themes like:
Emotional dysregualtion
CPTSD (childhood or complex ptsd)
The Crappy Childhood fairy focuses on these themes, and I think after my post binges I feel like I’ve been thru this physical and mental war zone. I don’t sleep, I barely eat… or worse I drink, and I feel dead, my eyes literally get dark circles or puffy, and I seem to look 10 yrs older. So I really enjoyed this video about some tips in regard to how to get self regulated perhaps they could help for Pre, Post, or During binge?

Uncertainty… ugh 😑 “it’s gift” 😒😅
But this theme and feeling… I enjoy this lady too she has a lot of good psychologies theme with anxiety, and she tackles uncertainty and some tools

My mind was blown by this concept that the feeling uncertainty is PART of the human emotions; that’s it’s not something to run from, avoid, or exclude. Wow! But…it didn’t stop my binging, I can explain it better, but to put into practice. But these tips also helped me recently .