Author Topic: Please realize when this is happening to you.  (Read 3559 times)

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Please realize when this is happening to you.
« on: April 24, 2024, 11:04:41 PM »
This is literally the bread and butter for fake "love and relationships" psychics. Please do yourself a favor and recognize the pattern. It makes any psychic reading irrelevant and you can save yourself from false hope, heartache, waiting. Your money will be better spent buying things that make you happy.

If you are calling a psychic about a roller coaster relationship that follows a similar structure:

Phase (1) Loving and doting affection from the other person at the beginning
Phase (2) But you did something to upset them and their mood switched on you, it could even be something really small
Phase (3) You apologized and hoped things go back to normal, and maybe they did. But over time, you started walking on eggshells because they are no longer that same loving and doting person they used to be
Phase (4) You have even a SNEAKING feeling they could be lying about multiple things, or there are already confirmed multiple red flags in any of these areas:
     - Their personal history like their education or job
     - Their characteristics, ambitions for the future, their intentions
     - Trauma they had
     - A string of bad luck or conflict regarding other people
     - How they were forced to do something questionable in their past because they were put in a situation that left them with no other choice
     - The nature of their relationship with someone else (could be an ex, a person they might be attracted to, someone they just started recently talking to)
     - Why they don’t want you talking to their friends without them around
     - Why they can’t sustain long-term friendships with people
     - Anything that points to a pathological lying
Phase (5) They start gaslighting you and point out all your mistakes or flaws
Phase (6) They drop the mask and are no longer the doting, affectionate person you knew at the beginning of the relationship

If your relationship looks anything like that, following that sequence of events, you do not need a psychic. A psychic might answer questions, but you can assume:

(1) If the relationship is salvageable from your POI’s perspective, meaning you have not yet figured them out or called them out on anything, they will probably contact you
(2) It is not about you and it will never be about you
(3) If you really knew what was going on in your POI’s head, you would be absolutely shattered and liberated at the same time
(4) There is nothing you can do to prevent your POI from repeating the same behavior in the future
(5) Most people who are not aware of the emotional manipulation you went through with this person will probably just tell you to “move on because the POI isn’t worth it”, but this is SUPER unhelpful because it doesn’t give you an opening to process the emotions nor full closure on what really happened


Ask yourself if you have a history of attracting these types of relationships. Some of the most empathic, sweet, beautiful people repeatedly and predictably find themselves trapped in relationships that follow this pattern. The "why" is too much to get into here, but just know that a psychic isn't invested in helping you identify these patterns, preventing them in the future, or helping you attract better prospects into your life.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions! Here to talk or point you to more spiritual development / manifesting resources.
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Re: Please realize when this is happening to you.
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Yep, so many attract narcissists. Like me. But I'm setting boundaries and they don't like it. Now the gaslighting and playing victim begins. I'm finally not buying it. I'm 64 and a slow learner. Plus I'm done with men. Just give me cats.    ;)

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Re: Please realize when this is happening to you.
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LOL! Yes to cats!!! ;D