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Final Outcome for me
« on: September 27, 2023, 08:19:31 PM »
I'm going to try to keep this as brief as possible because it's all pretty fresh for me but I FINALLY have an update on my situation and so I know who was right or wrong. I don't have the energy to type out everyone who was wrong but will notate the people that I've talked about quite a bit on this forum. And maybe if I get bored sometime I'll update on everyone who was wrong but I don't know?

In order of how correct they were:

1. Bonnie from Psychic Source - This woman not only immediately picked up on the fact that my POI smoked but added that he sees it as something in the way of us being together. I thought that was kind of odd because we've already been together and he knows I know he smokes. I've never said anything to him about it. I do not smoke just for reference. She picked up on him having, "another female in his life in a loose way," like a friend with benefits. She said it wasn't his ex, and also that this person wasn't standing in the way of him and me. It was really more about the smoking because his connection with her was in a different way and he cares more about what I think than what this girl thinks. I got confirmation of all of this last night straight from the other female herself because I know her. Bonnie also said that the thing with this other woman would end in about a month. (For reference, my reading with her was at the end of July) and this girl told me last night that she is done with this thing with this guy as of 2 weeks ago. So while it was a little past her prediction, that is sooooo close that I have to give it to her! So while I can't say whether his smoking is an issue from his perspective, Bonnie picked up on him and having this other girl to a TEE! She was also correct last year when I read with her. She said his work got in the way of us and he also backed off because he wasn't ready for a relationship or looking for anything serious. But the most amazing part is that I asked her what she saw in the future and she said, "I see a little reconnection in the Spring (this past Spring) but nothing coming of that," and that is EXACTLY what happened. I went to her once more today after finding everything out that I found out last night and she is just so spot on and talented. She said that this girl wanted it to be more with him but he's not wanting that so they're going to go their separate ways and this girl told me that she had reached out to him letting him know she wanted more so you can't make this up! She is extremely talented and I stand by her. I also like that she's very straightforward, never has been unkind, made me feel dumb for asking something or judged me for my choices or actions.

2. Rachel Marie from Bitwine - and this is a distant second place because she picked up on him having a "small interest/his eye slightly on someone else." She said she felt it was someone in his every day life, that's correct because this girl is his neighbor. But she said the more they get to know each other he doesn't pursue a relationship with her. Well, they've been hooking up for a full year so that's why I don't even know if I can count Rachel Marie as being fully correct even. She made it sound like it was something much more recent than for it to be going on a full year now! She also made it sound like no big deal and nothing to be worried about and I probed her about it as well because I had read something on here about how she can mention something casually and it ends up being a much larger issue than she made it sound. I kind of feel like that happened to me here. Me and this guy were not committed in any way so I wasn't betrayed, he didn't make me promises or anything but I don't even think I care to ever reconnect with him again now anyway.

After this everyone else who even slightly picked up on things just comes so far after that I don't even have a 3rd place so-to-speak because I'm not going to grasp for straws here and try to make them right about little tidbits.

The people who I had faith in at least at one point who were just wrong:
1. Autumn Rivers from Bitwine - fed me a fairytale unfortunately and also never ever picked up on a 3rd party; ever
2. Miss Ann from Bitwine - same as above
3. Leah from Psychic Source - never ever picked up on any of this but got contact predictions correct and seemed to nail current energy but I'm done with her as well. Bums me out because I really liked chatting with her a lot too.
4. Yona Farrell who has her own website - this one was such a bummer because everything else she told me came to be, like everything except that he and I would continue to get to know one another better this summer. That just didn't happen. I would read with her again because she was spot on about career and the rest of my life but I am really doubtful about her with these relationship dynamics.

I've read with sooo many more so if anyone has any questions about anyone more specifically just DM me. Also, if anything about any of the above changes I will update this because who knows, maybe someone somewhere picked up on something that will happen in the future? I'd be happy to change my mind, I truly would and please know that this is me and my experience and you all have had some very different experiences with some of these people and I honor and respect that.

Honestly, there's a part of me that is just a bit relieved this is all over with and I have answers.

I also hope to read some great success stories on here soon for you all! Nothing makes me happier than when someone says a psychic was right and their person came back or they got the job they so wanted. I want all of those things for you guys too! (Just not from Angel Marmont or Hecate Tarot) - HAHA!

Take care,