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My story and lesson learned
« on: July 17, 2023, 08:50:41 PM »
Hello I want to share my story in hopes it might help someone in a similar situation.
So in May 2021 I began dating a guy. He used to be my orthodontist, and we just happened to get in contact after many years. Anyways, we were dating until July 2021 when he just went cold and ghosted me. I was so distraught that I began my psychic journey. One psychic in particular told me not to worry because I would be meeting someone else within 2 weeks, but that it seemed there would be a period where we would stop talking, because he would realize I still had feelings for the other guy. I laughed, but it ended up happening. This guy requested me on Facebook, I accepted him and we began talking. Mid August he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were going good and I was starting to fall hard for him. He asked me to marry him mid September and I was so excited and happy thinking I had found the one. A lot of psychics told me he was the one and we would be happy together. Well, one month after our engagement he ghosted me. I looked for him and tried to talk to him with no luck, and his family also shut me out. Again I was distraught, and my psychic binging began. Some told me I would never hear from him again and others that I would and I would marry him just to be patient because he was going through some tough times. Come March 2022, he comes back around. We start dating again and then in May 2022 got married. Little did I know this was the start to one of the most stressful, depressing stages in my life. A month after our marriage I found out he had been talking to girls since we got engaged the first time. I got so mad I kicked him out and he left for four months no contact. I was sooo depressed I couldn’t make myself divorce him. He came back October 2022 and it was the same bs again and he left December 2022 and I haven’t heard from him since. I called so many psychics on keen, bitwine, best psychic directory and everyone had different views and predictions that I ended up getting sick from the stress and worry, and at times wiped out my bank account trying to figure out if he would come back if he would serve me divorce papers. I’ve finally opened up my eyes and realized he’s no good, and I can’t be wasting money on psychics, and instead should start saving up for my divorce and a therapist. Although psychics can see some things, I think they can’t really see the bigger picture, and we should trust ourselves when we see red flags.

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Re: My story and lesson learned
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2023, 06:15:22 AM »
 I'm sorry you are going through this.  I also used them too much when I was anxious and quite isolated.  I'm not proud of myself and realise they  are a waste of money who prey on us. I also think ghosting is cruel, harder than normal breakups so you were going through a horrible time and understandly you needed to talk about it.  The so called psychic are so easy to access in difficult times