Author Topic: Update - one specific issue which readers are accurate (mostly in po)  (Read 351 times)

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so there is one issue i used it to test who is more accurate.
i used this  issue; because it's a very separated issue without external influence from my friends or family or anything; he is a strictly stranger never been in my life and the issue is very simple very black and white

a guy approached me around mid april, i turned down told him i have a bf already but then i found him very sincere so hoping he will try again; so then i started asking readers; mostly from PO because the 1 hour delivery is cheap and i only picked 4.9 or 5.0. i asked 1.will he try again (without me doing anything)and 2. what's next ? 3. do you see us having some romantic developments?

it's an on going process but still i can see some results: 1. yes, i didnt give him signal he just tried again 2. yes kind of dating 3. maybe we will see because it's on going thing

1. chosen raven, no and no and no. she has always been negative; i tried her few times; mostly negative and proved wrong. i dont know why i would try her again maybe i am impressed by her rating..
2. Cortez, this one i couldnt even understand what he was talking about; maybe because his accents or something i dont know. i simply didnt get anything from the reading. but again his revews were amusing
3. Paul85, 1. yes but i needed to make a move ( i didnt) 2. no 3. no. he kind of giving advice as a man; not a reader
4. Mila laska, yes and yes and yes but no details
5. psychic celeste, no but yes and not sure
6. svana yes and yes and yes but no details
7. Emmanuelle berger, yes and no and no
8. truthintuitions, she is very very unclear; but her readings are always very unclear. so she didnt give quite definite answer of yes or no.
9. nikkie yes then not much input
10. magical erin yes and yes and yes no details
11. monarchofnymphs, yes and yes and yes. she, i like her; very clear message, very confident, describe the person really well; and why and how he behaved this way. This reader i tried few times and all proved to be accurate
12. kassie, very clear, she performed so well this time. she actually told me something about that guy's action and i saw it the day after
13. stephanie theresa, she nailed and described that person's behaviour so well (she is always good at it); she is yes and yes and #3 its going to be my choice.

i like 11, 12 and 13; these 3 i used a lot. Kassie is more for business and she performed well for business. this is the first time after 2020 i asked her about relationship, last time she was kind of right but you know she is a bit cold it's just her tone; so asking her sensitive things like romance; u needed to have a strong heart lol.

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What site are these psychics on?

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MonarchofNymph is Tara on Purple Indigo