Author Topic: Love after Reading since 2007  (Read 1274 times)

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Love after Reading since 2007
« on: May 20, 2023, 12:26:14 PM »
I found God in 2021. I read in a discord group that a previous post I made here when I finally decided to give up readings, that said  I wasn’t taking accountability for my actions. I’ll address that later. But I just want to say that after giving up readings hoping that my life would change and the person I had been with would some how change because I had was insane. My life did change but he didn’t.

I had been with him since 2019 off and after I found God I spent April 2021-January 2023 trying to be in a relationship that went against God’s will. He wouldn’t let me have it no matter how hard I fought. No matter how many flights I made, how many gifts I gave, how much I told him I loved unconditionally. At the end of this man blamed me for his life not being what it should be. I spent thousands of dollars and almost picked up life and moved to Houston just to be with him.He said he needed more positivity in his life and he wasn’t sure if it was me that was causing him to not progress. After neglecting my needs and putting my all into humans helping him get back on his feet to find work and offering to pay  half of a $4000 dollar program for high power executives out of work seeking professional resume writing and networking to find him work he still looked at all that I had done and blamed me for his failures.

From the time I became a Christian the relationship became so much harder to be in. The poison I allowed that felt like love was too much to swallow anymore. It started to become abundantly clear how worldly he was and how was a reflection of who I used to be.

 4years of being lost in him, I met someone who used to live across the street from when I was 15. In 4 months we have been able to make strides with him that I couldn’t in my relationship with  Howard.
Life is so much easier when you let and Let God.

The person I’m with isn’t perfect and neither am I but hes so sweet to me, so kind and emotionally available, so handsome and humble and honest. I am falling in love with this person who has told that he is falling the same way. I’m excited about him and he about me. He reciprocates my love and he’s shown me that when you let go of your need to know the future and just allow life to be, let go of the psychic readings. We are holding on to things that need to be let go of, waiting for the right person or asking if a failed relationship will improve, your life will improve.

I’m taking full accountability for my actions. I’ve gotten readings since 2007. But make no mistake we all are being led astray. 14 years of calling I’ve never been in a healthy relationship and none of the readings I got mean anything.

My username here are my initials and the initials of a man who never really wanted me who I got psychic readings on from 2014-2016. Who had a woman he was already in love with and living with.
She left him, he fought for her and her new man at the time put him in the hospital.
She is married and happy with a new baby.

He came back to me 7 years later, with a hand he lost mobility in, the job he felt made him better everyone gone, full of regret that he never had children with me and took me seriously. Never married. He didn’t look the same didn’t act the same

This time I asked a lot questions and the conversation ended with him being exactly the same as he he was when I met him. Selfish, proud, back and forth to the Dominican Republic paying for prostitutes, still unable to commit. He tried to fool me and use me but I’m not the same. Who told me it would end this way? NOBODY!!

Don’t waste your life. I’m a Christian. I wanted to end this by saying find God… find a Higher power. But I won’t take reverence from Him. Find Christ, open your Bible learn the word change your life. Don’t be led astray. You’re being fed lies. Take accountability for your life. No one knows the future except Him. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

You’ll never find success here being addicted to readings. If you’re here it’s because your picker is broken. Mine was too. Mine still is, I have to fight daily not to be who I was. Deep down I am still that person I just have direction and the guidance I didn’t have before to show me where I’m wrong. I have the courage to be someone different and understanding of what it takes to live a life of faith and the joy of seeking the love of God daily.

I hope I’m able to inspire someone today to release their burdens to Him and live a life free from worry, anxiety, codependency, fear of abandonment, a painful childhood, an abusive marriage whatever triggers you. We turn to readings when we are most vulnerable. I don’t care how light and casual others make readings seem, you are headed for trouble when you reject Him and turn to entities that shudder at his presence and here to cause you pain and grief disguised as help. Fakes only here to steal your money and your joy. The number of charlatans in this group now disguised as real members is sickening.
Don’t be tricked

You want to be free and able to find real love… give your burdens to Him and don’t give your power away. Free will is what this life is all about. You have a chance everyday to be the person of your dreams. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you trapped.

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Re: Love after Reading since 2007
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2023, 09:24:06 PM »
I love this post @Kkbich2014

Anxiety can bring out the worst in me and others which  led me to waste so much money on readings..

I’ll admit I still get readings but I am now looking to go on the low side and control myself..
This post helps me a lot..
I have faith in going to be alright
Thanks for this Love

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Re: Love after Reading since 2007
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2023, 06:10:25 AM »

It’s not easy to get away from readings and it’s a struggle for me sometimes but your post sounds so much like me. I started reading on Keen from 2000 😂 

The frustrating part about it was each year they would predict a new man coming in and when that person came in my life, they said he wasn’t for me and the next man was it lol

It’s better for my mental health to let things be but anxiety is a bitch.

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Re: Love after Reading since 2007
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2023, 01:42:32 PM »
Thank you SO much for this.. this is your testimony and we appreciate you sharing it! I too at 25.. now 27 experienced giving my ALL.. my effort, my love, my body to someone for them later to throw it back in my face. Literally. The relationship became domestic and 2 weeks ago was my final time allowing that person to abuse me. Readings are helpful until you get absorbed into them and take them as more than what they are which are little pick ups of energy a person can be exuding. When you stop reading you have fully allowed yourself to LET GO of not only the outcome but the constant updates of things outside of your control! You let life happen. It will happen.

I too took full responsibility as of then and now for what happened and what I endured in that relationship. In the end you realize, you were only dealing with yourself.

Blessings to you and yours.