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Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« on: October 18, 2022, 02:04:53 AM »

It’s everyone

Instead of throwing selective few under the bus, it’s definitely all readers. I could swear up and down this psychic was accurate about 3Ps (3rd parties) for said “good” psychic to give me the run around

If you are asking then there’s doubt, and fear and here’s what I’ll say: the fear and uncertainty are real enough for it manifest. (Remember that movie Monster from Pixar where these monster scare children to create energy… it’s kinda like that. Yours fear if unchecked have the power to create it)

I do believe though you can dissipate your fears, and you are strong enough to sit thru them, and face them. I do believe there ways to go THRU your fears without the power of your fears manifesting. No matter what any psychic says or sees.

But it does take mental discipline, detachment, examining core beliefs, the daily stories we speak, and extreme kindness… plus probably more (and you can do YouTube search about 3parties and those techniques). However I want to mention something from the psychic addiction side that I think we struggle with. I read some of these posts and I see so much fear.

I know it hurts I truly do. I can relate.

The defensive argument when manifesting: Oh so this is my fault? I created this?!
Pause! This kind of mindset is coming from a fixed state of right and wrong, taking circumstances very personally, that if blaming yourself just enough then well maybe you can to fix it… OR this is my fault oh so I created this and deserved this?!!!
And this is just too complicated and wasteful. This isn’t a new idea but there growth mindset and fixed mindsets and there more YouTube psychology that speaks about this.

Fixed mindset takes challenges and circumstances personally
Growth mindset approaches challenges with willingness to accept difficulties in life. And both of these are on spectrums, flavors, and different phases of life. So before we begin AND most importantly approach this subject matter with KINDNESS AND COMPASSION TO YOURSELF. AAAND BOTH MINDSET ARE OK!!! Take the sting off and say “ok I am taking this personally from fixed state.” If you can try say this then it can create a kind of observation.  And something that has proven true when you observe an outcome you have the power to change it.

Also there’s both really.
Fixed mindset: when examining 3Ps my arguments I’ve invested time, personal relationship, i share something special or thought I did and created something together, and i cannot get that time back, ABSOLUTELY HOW CAN I NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY … however after time and detachment from a growth mindsets I can view 3Ps as delightful stories of insecurity and growth, or comical forgetfulness… but you can heal.

My biggest exercise to take edge off is meditating and observation. I’ve been an advocate for grounding practice from Crappy Childhood Fairy. Here’s what the start of my journaling looks like:

“I have fears and resentments a 3P may exist because I fear I am wasting my time. I have resentments I am asking psychic about a 3P I fear am wasting money and I have fears I am alone. I have resentments for SP about a 3P because I fear he just isn’t the one. I have resentments of said 3P because I fear I just am not worthy… (and oh it goes on for good 1-2 pages, of shameful, hateful “stuff”).”

There are no wrong answers. Write out your fears. But the element is the same: I have these resentment (negative emotion) because I fear… (insert your fear)

Then write to God or higher power that you would like healing and would like to surrender this. And I realized about a month in this practice I had resentment towards God too.

I have resentments towards God because I fear am truly alone. Anytime I trusted higher power I’ve fallen thru the cracks I fear I am forgotten. I have fears there are no solutions to this.

So I surrendered that too, as I can.

Then I sit in silence between 10-20 min 1-2 times a day… after 2-3 weeks it was subtle but for me I noticed the panic voice in me had less power. I created a communication channel for connection to God and myself. My discernment voice came back… i felt clarity in my head. I am hesitant to share this but very unintentionally after two weeks a former ex reached out to me and apologized to me (after 10 years of silence, psychic binging) the icing on the cake: he confessed he got an astrology reading compared our astrological charts and said we were highly compatible, and I could feel his regret for leaving me for his baby mama… however after 3 weeks he re blocked me again. So, I surrendered that too, and gave this into my practice. I had lots of validation but of course hurt, so I give this too to God.

I am currently with someone and it isn’t going well. I fear we separated. I am now 7 months with this practice and I am  reading “feel better no matter what” by miachel james and with my grounding mediation practice plus this I am seeing “oh yum I feel jealousy (eye twitch) awesome!” As I am getting thru week two saying “oh good I love that I feel anger and resentment about my partner. I love that I feel uncertainty about 3Ps” … I mean I don’t, but I can sit and observe this feeling more and have more compassion for myself where I didn’t. I weirdly don’t fear 3Ps, if anything I’m looking at my life experiences where I felt jealousy and judgements and feel like I need to make an amends.

And this isn’t just about 3Ps but I want to say this about FEARS. Go thru your fears, face them, only you can sit thru them. Surrender. There are other ways I am sure to go about or thru your fears. But I truly believe if you want to take the edge of a bad prediction, a terrible reading, a horrible psychic binge get to the root of what you are believing, know that most likely you are reacting from fear.

Anyways that’s my soapbox.
 But I do know this: your fears if uncheck can manifest
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Re: Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2022, 06:41:45 PM »
If you are asking then there’s doubt, and fear and here’s what I’ll say: the fear and uncertainty are real enough for it manifest. (Remember that movie Monster from Pixar where these monster scare children to create energy… it’s kinda like that. Yours fear if unchecked have the power to create it)

I think that sometimes fears can manifest as reality, and that we can create our own problems through doubts and lack of belief in ourselves.  But I also think that sometimes we are calling psychics because we sense something is indeed "off" and want to be told that it's not.  I called a lot about two guys (one I spent thousands of dollars on), and looking back, I was calling because I knew deep down that it wasn't going to work but wanted to be told that it would.  The false hope that I admittedly was asking for ended up keeping me in bad situations for longer than I otherwise would have stayed.

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Re: Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2022, 07:23:59 PM »
Thank you for taking the time to post.

I called because I struggle with anxiety and I'm a bit lonely so wanted to talk too. I've realised they keep notes so tell you what you want to hear.

I'm using face to face ones now, I'd feel shame if I went to see them again. Once is hard as you feel embarrassed and vulnerable. 

If their predictions are wrong I couldn't go back. If the predictions are right  then there is no need.

I'm hoping the face to face ones are genuine.  They run business from it and have been for a while.

So I can never call online ones again, they are fake and just read from a screen.

I'm not completely free from my addiction, just weaning myself off it.

But I still wish there was someone who could genuinely know.   Many years ago I spoke to 2 who were fantastic, predicted exact week I'd meet someone and taht they drove a 4 by 4.      The other one predicted something life changing in a bad way but I don't want to explain online. Sadly these 2 have retired and deep down  I'd like to find again.

I'm hoping these face to face ones, have their own business  will help with  my heartbreaking situation.

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Re: Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2022, 02:48:25 PM »
An update and maybe this will be helpful
I’m doing therapy with work before my health insurance ends… and I wish I did it sooner, I love the therapist I’ve been seeing! I feel like I got a good therapist for a change!

She brought up the topic “magical thinking”, and it really clicked this time, I’ve been taking notes of my past when this has happened, observing how traumatic events influenced my magical thinking ways; they’re very attached events. I see have a lifetime habits of some form of magical thinking with psychics, religion, manifesting …

For example:
-if have the “right” thoughts then I can have the “right” circumstance
-if something bad did happen it’s cause I didn’t worry enough about it, and dang it if I could have said a positive affirmations but now we have this bad thing.

And let me just say I had horrible night of not sleeping, staying up with my miserable thoughts. I even gave in the middle of the night and called a psychic whom was just generic and awful… so thennn I spent the other half of the night saying “fine I give in.”

I’m glad I then remembered to engage in a technique from the book “feel better no matter what”. The spraying “thank you” to the the intrusive thought - “what if SP is dating someone? Or what if they broke up with me for someone else? ” - spray “thank you” like windex window cleaner to the thought, and allow it to be. (Yeah yummy I love feeling this negative feeling in my body, *spray *spray) And yes it was so miserable but I’m glad I didn’t go to a psychic to fix that thought or reactive feeling. I sprayed mentally a dozen times, “what if SP moves on?” -“thank you !” … surprisingly not a thousand. But it helped me observe and be mindful of my body.

I also really enjoyed this video too… and this playlist and this guy… and while it seems different, an important thing he points out is allowing uncertainty. Let me tell you I hate the feeling of uncertainty… but I am getting better at allowing myself to feel uncertain and that’s ok. His technique is

“Meh maybe it will maybe it won’t”
What if SP left me for someone “meh maybe he did maybe he didn’t!” And “Thank you spry spry”

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Re: Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« Reply #4 on: November 18, 2022, 09:42:17 AM »
Thanks Mina for posting.

I agree it is uncertainty I struggle with too.  I'm not giving myself a hard time over it, my job requires me to be organised, in control  and proactive.  These are my natural skills so obviously dealing with uncertainty is the opposite of this. 

The easy access to telephone psychcics exploits people like us.  It's shocking it is allowed but they say it is entertainment and nobody forces us to ring.

I won't call the lines again but I do wish I could speak to genuine ones who have been correct in the past.  Deep down I want to believe the face to face ones I hqve seen. I've seen a few face to face ones, but they give different  dates to the outcome. 

Also the world economy and climate are in chaos adding to uncertainty. My work is temporary too.  All these factors add to the uncertainty and add to the anxiety and insecurity.

I'm sending hugs and kindness to you and wish you lots of luck in your future. 

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Re: Psychics I do not trust for 3Ps (3rd party)
« Reply #5 on: November 20, 2022, 01:04:19 AM »
Go slow.
It’s muscle workout.

It’s been a over month since I started reading this book “feel better no matter what” and I’m reflecting on week 2; where the book gives perspective on the gains of accepting feeling your negative emotions compared to an actual workout say like going to gym to lose weight only it shows up when you’re less prepared and asks “ready for run?” And it doesn’t go away until you do quick lap.