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Hey Everyone!!
« on: July 06, 2022, 06:27:52 PM »
It's been quite a while but I have a few updates where several of the readers I've used have been getting hit after hit!
While there have been small to medium hits so far, they were quite interesting.

My latest hits have been from Kisha (Aries Intuition), Washington (CP), Delphine (CP), Barbara (Keen) - and a few newbies Ive used on CP - specific to career and love - inbox me if you want to know more ;)

In other news!

I'd like some help from my favorite community!

If you all could check out my link for something amazing I am creating and sign up with your email under the "Subscribe Now for Promos" button here -->

You can watch the Promo in the link to see what it is all about!

That would be AMAZING!! Until then feel free to reach out to me for insights on specific readers!!

Thanks, everyone!