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Re: Susan Miller
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Anyone have a super accurate astrology readings?

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Re: Susan Miller
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if you want to do astrology, its better the full one.

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Re: Susan Miller
« Reply #17 on: October 19, 2020, 10:40:07 PM »
Anyone have a super accurate astrology readings?
I did. I followed  psychic facebook page and she does daily horoscopes. I think back in Jan or Feb, something extremely upsetting happened with my poi. I never paid attention to horoscopes because they are never accurate for me. I went on facebook and when i opened it up, it had her horoscope for libra (my sign) posted. I read it and it had exactly what had happened. Like that was the first time one was 100% for me ever. Hers aren't always right for me, but she did say it could be in my moon sign or star/rising sign that day. I don't know my full thing, just libra. But hers usually seem to it close to home for me. (yes I did call her, first psychic ever. she picked up on things and I'm waiting for hr time frames to pass to see if she connected) a friend looked at hers on there and said she never had any so accurate either.
I feel like this is like go to her or something, but I swear I'm not her (I don't even know how this all works) I just know that day, it was def. something else