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Last month saw us relishing in comforting arms of Cancer, where our homes were lit with candles and coziness. Self-care, meditation, self-reflection and a slower pace were high up on the list of things that would have been easier than usual to take care of and very rewarding or enjoyable to do.

But as the days pass, Cancer moves gently out of the spotlight leaving a calm, relaxed space, fully prepared for … wait for it…

Lights, Camera, Action, cue the music, sass, stylist and makeup artist as Leo takes center stage and let’s make no bones about it – a center stage is a place where Leo loves to be. You can expect him to parade around as if he’s Beyonce – he’s going to own the show fully!

There is no other way to be – according to a Leo.

Sure, Leo season is a stark contrast to Cancer season. However, Cancer will have fully rejuvenated you so that you have all of the energy you need to step out of your house, and proudly stake your claim on the world!

Leo takes centre stage from July 22nd to August 22nd, and he’s already warming up in the background getting ready to be in full glory right from the beginning of his reign. The will be no delay or gentle easing in of Leo’s energy – that’s not his style. Instead, he’ll be there shining down in his full glory from the beginning of his season to his reluctant end.

The sun sure is shining with a Leo around, and now you get to enjoy a taste of the good life too.

Don’t be surprised, as Leo kicks in, if all of a sudden you want to be out of the house and around people in some way. Whether that be a few extra meals, walks and day trips out or visits to or from friends for the introverts to full-on social butterfly of the century zone for the most outgoing.

Whatever your social style, you’ll enjoy a few (or many) more social events than is usual for you, and you are going to love them. Yes, even you Mr or Mrs. Introvert.

So how can you make the most of the vibrant Leo energy that surrounds you over the next month?

Here’s our guide on how to shine like a Leo in August.

A New Zest For Life
Last month you may have been feeling like you wanted to sink into the comfort of your duvet. But this month you’ll be bouncing out of bed, tearing open the curtains, putting on your exercise gear and actually heading out to enjoy some exercise, before cooking up a breakfast for kings, dressing up for the day (glam of course) and heading out to own the day.

If that sounds tiring to you now – it won’t when Leo’s around.

Your enhanced zest for life will be off the scale. So make the most of it – for things will turn back to normal toward the end of August. Here’s a tip; why not consider starting a new exercise routine and give it time to kick into the habit zone before the month is out.

The Courage To Be Bold

Even if you are not naturally bold, you might surprise yourself this month. You might have a moment, where you say or do something that is usually out of the ‘norm’ and then stop and think ‘wow, I just did xx’. This is the Leo energy.

If you can embrace the extra courage that will be surrounding you for the next four weeks, then you might find yourself pushing through a few boundaries with little effort at all. Why not take advantage of this energy and try something that you want to do but have never pursued because of fear. Go on; you’ll be surprised at the results.

Pitches, Presentations, and Parties

If you take care to apply enough effort, research and follow due diligence, (AKA don’t do things on the fly) your pitches, presentations, and parties will be something else this month. If you have something important to pitch or present, try to bring it into the season of Leo, for extra pizazz.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to say whatever it is you want to say, and no longer feel like a bumbling fool, or not to have to wait to explain your meaning or intention?
Well, once again Leo is going to surprise you. Your charm this month can be effortless, all you need to do is notice the subtle effects.

Pushing Through Personal Boundaries

If there was ever a time to push the envelope, now is the time. Do you want to wear a particular outfit but don’t do it because it’s too far away from your usual style? Perhaps you want to try a new experience, apply for a new job after years of working in the same position, ask someone out on a date (if it’s not something you’d normally do).

Don’t get through the month without at least pushing through one of your personal boundaries – you’ll be pleasantly surprised if you do..

Developing Your Sense Of Self Expression
Talking of pushing boundaries, and becoming bolder than usual, there is also the potential for you to develop your sense of self-expression. Which is something that if you do embrace, could set you up well for the next year.

To make the most of Leo’s energy, without overwhelm, think of something you’d like to change about the way you express yourself.

Perhaps you want to change your style, switch up the dynamics in a relationship, choose a bold color to decorate your home with, even start a blog, or YouTube channel and start learning how to express yourself in a way that is aligned with your deepest desires.

Just remember that when we learn to express ourselves, we can get it wrong sometimes. A Leo would chalk that down to experience and try something else until he finds what it is he wants.

If you don’t usually find it easy to express yourself here’s a tip for you: Pick one area to work on and make a pact with yourself that you will continue to work on this form of self-expression until you are comfortable with it. And then review it next year – in Leo season. If you do this – once again you’ll be amazed at how different your sense of self-expression will be this time next year.

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