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Re: Love spells
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The first rule of magic do no harm.

When I first read this thread and the comments I felt they were angry... but as I rewrite this (several times lol) I think about how I first went to a gypsy and the first thing she said was I cursed... that was so utterly wrong. She preyed on my vulnerability and insecurity... but also on my energy. So I do appreciate the immediate anti spell section here for that. But we’re talking about free will... in spells...

And I agree you can’t change someone free will, it would be universal faux pas! And major consequences.

But if the feelings are there I think they’re enhancement and road blocks that can be cleared. If it’s ok with spirit guide and ancestors.

But the consequences for bringing an ex back has created a lot of desperate energy, because you have to check yourself first from your own desperate energy. Be careful, even I’m working thru my insecurities and it’s not easy.

When we’re talking about a love spell to bring someone new who isn’t in the present picture - again it’s about self love- always about self love first, not self serving. I think glamour spell would be appropriate, to get in touch with what you love about yourself. The consequences of this... I don’t think they are any, because you’re working on self love.

I do have more to say... however, I have work to do, I do want to say thank you for all sides. And apologies to MissP

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Re: Love spells
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Well, this was my experience...when I was reading with Angelbaby of Light she said my ex really wanted to be with me but he just wasn't acting on it for various reasons. She said she could do things to help him come forward, and it would only be to help him act on his true feelings, and to help him heal, NOT to go against his free will or anything like that. I was really skeptical that it would work, and more so hesitant that it would backfire in some way...especially knowing how stubborn my ex is. But, she said it was only for good and she seemed like a really generous and caring person. She told me stories about how it worked for other people. And she didn't ask for any money to do it like the scammers do. So I thought why not?

It never worked though! And I do feel that it backfired. He got more and more hostile towards me and said some really nasty things. He might have done that anyway. But to be on the safe side, I ended up contacting her later and asked her to PLEASE undo everything she had done to help him come forward. I believe whatever she did kept the connection going so it prevented ME from being able to let go and move on. Never mind what it did to him. It never changed anything for the better either way.

She also told me she did things to help me financially and bring me more abundance. That didn't work either. If anything, it made things worse for me.

And I feel like the problem is, even with most caring, well intentioned psychics...they may do things like this, without even asking our permission or without telling us. They may do prayers or spells or candle work in general to help some or all of their clients. And they may have strong intentions that interfere with your energy and make it more difficult to receive the very things they are intending for you.

I now believe, very strongly, that the only kinds of prayers, healings, etc. that are okay is to ask God or the angels to simply bring you or others the blessings that are for your highest good. You can ask for help for specific things - like please help me with my finances or with finding a partner. But then you let it go and allow a higher power to work things out for you.

And be willing to make changes or act on the messages that you receive within. The key is to be receptive - that's how we receive blessings. Not by pushing energy out trying to make something happen.

There is no need to do spells for any specific outcome, or try to attract or manifest specific will bring you what you need to learn and grow, no matter what. It's not always what we want, or what we think we want.

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Re: Love spells
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Well im sure many others have had good experiences with spells. I have to try for myself. Either attract a lover or use a spell to cut my desire for this person I love. I have to move on either way and nothing else worked

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Re: Love spells
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The reason I asked is because I have been going through the most difficult time in my life the past year and a half. I have no one that loves me and I am in tremendous trouble finance and career wise. I love listening to Art Bell podcasts and there is a witch he interviewed several times. I am interested in trying two spells: one to attract financial success and one to attract love. Do these work for anyone? What if I use a spell to attract not any specific person, but a spell to attract my soul mate to me? Is this also karmically evil? Im just at the lowest point in my life and willing to try these if it will provide even some relief from my distress.

You need Sage. Not the incense kind but the dried bushel kind to smoke out your house, car where ever you spend a lot of time.
You can get a green Open Road candle and the Open Road oil. There's also an open Road Prayer that you say prior to lighting the candle but I only have it in spanish.
You can get a Rose of Jericho put it in a bowl of water. To the water add a few coins gold and silver glitter and sprinkle them around the plant. The water has qualities and can be sprinkled around the house to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance.
You also have to pray. I do not know if you are religious but we are Catholic so we have saints that are assigned for specific jobs. I won't post them here. I understand not having money so if you have a drop box or a P.O Box send it to me. I can send them to you direct. 
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