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Re: Mikki Reno
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I tried to read with Vallentina for a long time.but never saw her online so eventually gave up. Maybe she left the site

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Re: Mikki Reno
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Interesting.  I've spoken with her twice, and I didn't notice her pausing.  She seemed really confident both times.

Ok, here's a rundown of PPN advisors I've spoken with:

Atrisha:  The first PPN advisor I spoke with.  I did not like how much she repeated herself.  She predicts a positive outcome for us, but a prediction for contact did not come to pass within the timeframe she provided.  That's fine with me, but in this case I did ask if he would respond to a letter I wrote.  She said he would do so by that weekend.  Well, not only did he not respond by that date, he didn't do so at all.  I had to finally ask him for a response.

Calister:  She was awful.  Her reading was completely negative, which I would be fine with if she had been accurate about anything else.  She didn't describe my guy, or me, or the situation.  She just said he's not the one, and I won't get married for another 6 years. 

Spiritual Advisor Gemini:  I've spoken with her twice.  The first reading was positive.  She was accurate in her description of my SM and the situation itself.  She sees a positive outcome.  She said we would talk about my letter, and he would want to see me.  This did happen.  When I called her after I broke the date with my SM, she said that this was a wake up call for him and that he will approach me to discuss and start over.  She says this will happen by this weekend.  I doubt this timeframe prediction, but we'll see.

Nesta:  This reader was FABULOUS the first time I called.  I was on the phone with her for awhile because she described my SM, the father of my children, my children, and my mother to a "T"!  It was an excellent connection.  Unfortunately, when I called her back with her 5 free minutes, it was terrible.  She told me the opposite of what she did the first time (just a couple days before).  She said this wasn't the guy for me, even though last time she said that no matter what I do, this is the man I'm going to marry.  It was really odd.

The Grand Charlot:  AWFUL.  I don't know how she has such wonderful feedback.  Maybe we just didn't connect, but she was wrong about everything.  I cut her off quick.

June Starlet:  Did not give a reading.  She basically gave me dating advice.  She was in the process of telling me not to be so available (which isn't the problem at all) and to see other people when I hung up on her. 

Zhanya:  Another advisor who I've spoken with twice because of free minutes.  I actually liked her and felt a connection.  Both her readings were consistent.  This last time I spoke with her, I was actually really upset, and I kept questioning her because I didn't believe her positive outcome.  She explained that no matter what I do, my SM and I will reconnect.  That my impatience and actions are only causing delays, but it is not affecting the outcome.  I like her "matter of fact" style.  She told me we'll be together no matter what.  I'll believe that when I see it.

Readings By Sidney:  I don't know what to say about this guy.  He was asking me a lot of questions, which I HATED, BUT his eventual prediction is inline with other advisors.  He sees us dating again by the end of this month and in a serious  relationship by February of 2012.  He kept talking about how intuitive I am (which I am aware of), but that's not what I wanted to discuss, so I did feel as if he was wasting my time a bit. 

Vallentina Rose:  I called her based on a recommendation on this site.  I liked her a lot.  She was accurate and gave similar timeframes EXCEPT she did say that since I have small children and my SM is in law school, we would not be serious for another 2 years.  I really don't want to do this for another two years, but this actually seems realistic because he will be done with law school in exactly that time. 

Midnight Magical Spirit:  Accurate.  Gave similar predictions regarding getting back together. 

Tulsi Ray:  Extremely confusing (just as some of her feedback says).  She told me we would be together, but then she said there would be someone else early next year (which I've heard before) and that I would have to choose between the two men.  But then she said that she looked 5 years down the line and that my SM would still be in the picture.  She flip flopped quite a bit, but she did seem to be empathic, as she even said things that my SM has expressed before.

Callie:  TERRIBLE.  She asked me his sign, and then said "Oh, he's a womanizer, they all are."  Then when I told her he's in law school, she said there's not another woman because he has no time for it.  She told me I'm a water sign.  When I said, no, she said I was earth.  NO, I'm air!  I'm a Libra!  She was all over the place.  I wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy!! 

Elaina Jo:  Nice lady.  Her fairytale outcome was in line with other advisors.  I liked that she explained the cards.  She sees a "rebirth" for us, and sees that we have an intense connection. 

Yes, I have called THAT MANY psychics on PPN.  I really feel like this is a destructive addiction, and I need to stop.  They can say whatever they want, but that doesn't mean it's true.

I have tried a some of them on your list.

The Grand Charlot was awful- She doesn't even feel genuine. I said several things and she agreed simply saying for example "Yes I think I misunderstood the situation" anything I said she agreed and would also say things like I see you and this girl together etc. It was terrible.

June Starlett - She is quite something. She talks so fast and contradicts herself so often in the reading I don't know what to make of her.

Valentina Rose- She was exceptional. Really had allot to say. I tried her a few times and she never changed her predictions.  And a freind of mine uses her regularily and says she is one of her go to's for accuracy. She said all but 4 on PPN are carnival gypsies and fakes. Her readers that she she claimed have never let her down were

1)Valentina Rose
2) Laurel Reede - She is a channeler and she says she is amazing. She is in MST and only works days and no evenings or weekends so I have yet to get her when she is online.
3)Belinda Kaye
4)Marie Meave -

I tried a ton of them. I tried one named Daniel and he was a fraud. He kept saying "Show Me" when he was reading and I called him 2x and he contradicted himself on the 2nd reading.

I tried a guy named Simon and I liked him but then the second time he called he ripped into me for not giving him feedback. I honestly had forgotten but at the same time I was thinking what if your predictions don't come true?

The weirdest reading I had on there was a woman named Simone. You say your name aloud 2x and the name of someone you want to know about 2x. She starts talking to their spirit and tells you what they say back. You can ask a question and they will get an answer. It was quite something. Worth a try as her assessment of the person I asked about was SPOT ON and she told me things that shocked me and made total sense.

Hi, anybody talked with Simone Francois PPN? Hows her? and hows the prediction?