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It still makes me excited even when they come in late.

What we call about in a red hot minute is obviously never what we’re meant to know about. Be it a lesson or whatever.

I have found it amazing.  I’d say Matilda for me
As didn’t have much luck with those you mentioned.  Will too and even yona is starting to make sense 4 years on.

I agree with all you say Sparkle.

I have found some of my most accurate descriptions and events have happened after the event.   Many great readers can give accurate descriptions about things and you assume it is about your current situation and then poof that ends the reader is wrong.   Then we meet someone new, predicted by many and all the things predicted start to happen.  It has happened to me and I am finding readings from 2016 and 2017 are happening word for word now and the accuracy is incredible.

My top ones have been spot of but I would not necessarily now recommend them for people wanting immediate answers.

So true and I agree! The ACCURACY IS IMPECCABLE! You may think
It’s about your current situation- there my be things that may fit or even some things that are true but some of the other predictions that may not have happened with the current POI we consider wrong because it never happened or we may try
To fit - but then 2 years later - BAM predictions fit word for word - it’s crazy! Lol
What’s funny is that the timing of some of those things aren’t mentioned sometimes smh

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Any updates sparkle?

Hey britbrat - yep a bunch. To sum it up, Cookie, Kisha, Barbara and Tajah have been spot on for me.

Its now been a year since my POI and I have been together (they all, including others - predicted him into my life).
Most, pretty much all predictions happened. The last read I had was with Kisha back in March. I havent read with Cookie in a year ...but the last reading (last June) all happened with the guy Im currently with, when at the time I called about a totally diff guy (the IT Director).

Cookie literally throws everyone in a pot, mixes it together and all kinds of predictions come out. You just wont know if its about the person you are calling with in the present or near future or even far future.

Some predictions in 2019 came true about the guy im with now, when I called about a diff POI - they were specific enough to make sense of it.
At the time she said "The holidays will be significant, Valentines Day, Easter, etc. all the way to September. He should be bringing you to events with his friends and he is inviting you..etc". Well I couldnt see that with the guy I was interested with at the time, I was like thats impossible. And I was right. That reading was Feb 2019 (way before the IT Director) when I was dating POI #1. All of what she said is happening (or has happened) with my current POI.

Hey sparkle....   Long time -- when you say barbara do you mean barbara4246 on keen?