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After reading this I went back to my notes she is the only  one who saw my marriage would end 2022... we have been going through filing since 2020 when we separated... she saw a move and my new bf now is planning to move come Aug... I will post my notes they are a little jumbled and the end part was after I spoke too much so I don't know how much of that was influenced but the beginning is crazy, I want to read with her now that my bf is in my life...

patience/planning love begins turtle shell resting rejuvenating conflicted not sure, married? Obstacles/challenges excuse marriage on the right path winter spring summer Aug/Sept coming together major decision mental conflict- husband energy coming to a close heartache/loss him which is more important $/move? Prolong – not easy of a breakup end 2022 (marriage), makes sense family, finally opened up heart 1st step problem journey to get there inconsistency, 2022 a lot more sense- garden weeds out of the garden remove people who don’t serve a purpose in my life, be cautious of “friends” who I am talking to about stuff, move in together brothers/mom, not lying spoken to family make him feel insecure, don’t divulge - mentally conflicted- age is not an issue for him, caught him off guard wedding band? Love begins sigh of relief going to work, slowly… sacrifice she wants him to know it is something he wants (mom) he trusts me (timeline) anxiety, what do you need from me? Hope, comfort, financial? Not good hit, higher consciousness
Interesting. Whats funny is that Ive read with her maybe 5 times since 2016. And in almost all but 1 call she was 100 per correct on the outcome.
I usually call her when I either really want to know the final outcome of a relationship situation or the ins and outs of the relationship and she tells you literally everything in 10 minutes. Most of the time I dont want to know the outcome becuase almost everyone is usually incorrect (except her).

I have not actually called her about job/career although one time she did bring it up for me. She said that I would get a new job, connected to a guy and that I would move (with the guy) like 2 years ago...right now all 3 things actually seem like a strong possibility.

"Celeste - she predicted the new guy into my life earlier this year and told me the IT guy was not it lol. However in the most recent reading, although she saw marriage and living together, she didnt see him as the guy I would grow old with lol. Who knows if that could mean we get together and get divorced, or if it doesn’t happen at all. Such a big elusive prediction on that one."

I initially had an awkward experiance with Celeste. But I tried her 2 more times and I have to change my perspective on her capabilities. Ive compared notes with others and one thing I noticed is that her "wont grow old" together is an ism of hers. Shes just basically saying shes not seeing that far out.

She's one of the few CP psychics that stops you from giving info before the reading. And she has seen some significant things in my life and the people around me. Her timing may not be all there, but the things she says happens.

How was she with you in practical matters (job/career etc)? I think this may not be her forte bc its wher I had the bad reading with her.

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Yep Barbara on Keen.

I’m so late with this post lol

Any updates sparkle?

Hey britbrat - yep a bunch. To sum it up, Cookie, Kisha, Barbara and Tajah have been spot on for me.

Its now been a year since my POI and I have been together (they all, including others - predicted him into my life).
Most, pretty much all predictions happened. The last read I had was with Kisha back in March. I havent read with Cookie in a year ...but the last reading (last June) all happened with the guy Im currently with, when at the time I called about a totally diff guy (the IT Director).

Cookie literally throws everyone in a pot, mixes it together and all kinds of predictions come out. You just wont know if its about the person you are calling with in the present or near future or even far future.

Some predictions in 2019 came true about the guy im with now, when I called about a diff POI - they were specific enough to make sense of it.
At the time she said "The holidays will be significant, Valentines Day, Easter, etc. all the way to September. He should be bringing you to events with his friends and he is inviting you..etc". Well I couldnt see that with the guy I was interested with at the time, I was like thats impossible. And I was right. That reading was Feb 2019 (way before the IT Director) when I was dating POI #1. All of what she said is happening (or has happened) with my current POI.

Hey sparkle....   Long time -- when you say barbara do you mean barbara4246 on keen?

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(I'm posting in my main thread) - Dusting it off a bit lol

It's been quite a while but I have a few updates where several of the readers I've used have been getting hit after hit!
While there have been small to medium hits so far, they were quite interesting.

My latest hits have been from Kisha (Aries Intuition), Washington (CP), Delphine (CP), Barbara (Keen) - and a few newbies Ive used on CP - specific to career and love - inbox me if you want to know more ;)

In other news!

I'd like some help from my favorite community!

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That would be AMAZING!! Until then feel free to reach out to me for insights on specific readers!!

Thanks, everyone!

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Hello Sparkle -

Just wanted to check in and see how things are? It’s been a while since this thread has been updated. Have anymore “big picture” predictions come true? Also, are you still with the guy you told us about?