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I deleted keen and haven’t felt beter
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Okay everyone, so I need to vent and it pertains to psychics so I figured this is the place to go.

Okay so I fell in love, the type where it was love at first sight. I am actually very intuitive and empathic (I haven’t worked on my gifts) but all my life I would get this feeling and it would tell me how things would go. I met this guy and I felt to the core this was the one and I would be with him for long term. ANYWAY fast forward two weeks before graduation he broke up with me for varying reasons. Then a couple weeks later he started sleeping with this girl who he ‘met randomly in class but  one drunk night it became something’ anyway fast forward 7 months theyre in a relationship now. I started calling psychics in July and they all said ‘oh he is coming back, he loves you he just was confused’ blah blah blah Well I gave this particular psychic a solid belief since we spoke for hours about life and he said oh Nov 7th will be significant, he’ll contact you wanting you back. Lol Nov 7th was the day they went official so yeah no... not significant for me persay. A job I was unsure about I interviewed for in August I asked psychics they all said yes you’ll get it... nope didn’t they went internal. I wasted HUNDREDS if not probabl 1500-2000 dollars on psychics and it has gotten me no where in my love life but prolonged me holding onto a guy that doesn’t care about me obviously. I am sorry for the vent but I feel so stupid for trusting so many psychics for them to mislead me  and have me pour money into them for false hope. I will comment later on with all the psychics I have contact through keen (it’s a long list) who were SO WRONG. I doon’t mean to sound bitter. I just tried so many psychics and they all mislead me and now I’m that girl who was holding on to her ex and now he is in love with another girl not giving me a second though and these psychics gave me all this false hope. The wrong predictions of the job hurt me a lot as well.

I am so sorry to hear that, that's awful. My heart does go out to you. I'm going to (of course) say the obligatory "you can do better than him and deserve better". Are you sure he wasn't even cheating on you with this other girl? Just seems odd he's met someone only a few weeks after you and how fast they headed. I guarantee you what will happen is when they split up, he probably will head your way. Unfortunately, I've read stories like these on the boards one time too many.

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now I’m that girl who was holding on to her ex

It's more likely that you are a young woman with her whole life in front of her who learned a quick lesson early in life.  Penises don't end up in vaginas because men are confused, lol.  Don't drag yourself, there's enough people out there who will want to do it for you.  And don't do this again.  That 1,500 can turn onto 15,000 really fast.

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I agree with Star. It's usually after something or several things didn't work out is when they come back. They will always remember "that one girl" they screwed over that was good to them. It's usually always when you already moved on. Honestly, it's better that way. I mean, who wants to be back up girl forever? That's what I'm going through right now.

I, like you, am very intuitive and all the guys I was with, I knew weren't going to be my forever mores at those times. However, this one that I'm dealing with now and for the last 5 years? Him, he was the one I felt was the last one, my forevermore. I felt it deeply too. This sense of familiarity. He felt like "home" to me, if you understand. He's been very difficult though. Who have you read with? I've read with hundreds on keen and they are all fake, with the exception of Aries Intuition. She's like the ONLY one that was real, for me anyway. She's the only thing good that came off that site. California Psychics suck too.

After speaking with hundreds and hundreds over the years, I only have two that I ever use regularly. Aries Intuition and Psychic Shelly from the UK.

I'm sorry that you have had such terrible heartbreaking experiences. I do hope everything gets better for you.
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Don’t care if these people are psychics or not but how can they lived with them self or keep doing a job that misleading them and give them flase hope. These peoples are not good peoples and should be throw in jail for it.

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Vent, cry it out, and stop with the readings. A lot of them are skilled, but unhelpful like the one that gave the Nov 7 date. You would think they would see its not you, but no!

It gets better in time. It really does.