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Just want to give credit where it is due. I've had 3 readings with him in total. 10/17 12/17 1/18. The first reading he picked up a lot I could verify. None of those predictions have happened yet. The second reading that things he predicted did happen in February and have played out over the summer.  1 thing is yet to happen. The 3rd reading which was in January is things are starting to play out. I was shocked when I replayed the readings. At the time I was like no way.
Defiantly #1 on my. list with Yona being #2. Seriously everyone on keen and those other websites purely waste of dosh.

What predictions did he make that came to pass? Were they generic? I am looking to find another reader but it seems like so many even that are being reviewed on here are generic or rely on cards which I don't like. I have heard mixed reviews on Yona as well. Was she spot on too?