Author Topic: Clarissa Vs. Jozette  (Read 64 times)

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Clarissa Vs. Jozette
« on: June 10, 2018, 08:45:08 PM »
Anyone read with BOTH? If so,which do you prefer? I've read with Jozette in the past and read with Clarissa in the recent past. Both predictions/readings were somewhat opposite. While Jozette was incorrect about a third-party, she nailed some of the present. Her prediction saw a positive ending for me and a new guy that I had started talking to a some time ago (should I choose to continue with him), but also saw a positive ending with POI should I choose that path (although it would be difficult path to get to that point and who's to say it would be bliss...her words).

Clarissa said new guy was NOT on my life path and that he wouldn't be around much longer, but saw POI as my life partner...not sure what to think, honestly. Obviously, going to just take it day by day...but curious as to thoughts.

FYI, POI = ex boyfriend. New guy is just that...a new guy I've been talking to/dating for a bit now.