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A lot of them are frauds. However, I will give a list of some of psychics I liked and disliked based on my experiences:

Ask Christina - She will literally just say anything. Nothing was even remotely accurate.

Accurate Love Predictions - Tells you one thing and then switches his story when his predictions don’t come true.

Seek Chelle - Wrote out the exact same thing word from word both times I talked to her (Under different screen names). I’m pretty sure she tells all her clients the same thing.

POWERFUL PREDICTIONS - Copied and pasted the exact same thing word from word both times lol. Fake.

BreeZY- Changes her predictions.

Love Readings by Jeenifer- No. Just no.

Lidia LaDelle - Starts off by asking two questions and then goes from there. She’s a great story teller but that’s all she is. Nothing she said came true and she was way off.

SOUL inSIGHT - Told me in one session we wouldn’t work things out or reconnect then told me in another one about 2 weeks later that we would get married.

Fiona Beck -  Couldn’t tell me anything.

Love Readings by Saj - Horrible.

Dianna Pearls - Very horrible. I gave her names and DOBS and she asked for more information but couldn’t tell me what information. She was probably the worst I’ve ever spoken to. Lol.

These ones were alright, great with picking up on situations but not too sure about predictions:

SuNNNNi - She described my situation perfectly. Picked up on feelings perfectly. However, in one reading she said one thing and said something else in another one. I do believe she has a gift, but I’m not too sure how good she does on predictions. I will just have to wait and out and see.

DEVINE SPIRITUAL ADVISOR - Good at picking up on accurately and reading people. She knew what she was talking about for sure.

Honest Psychic Ozark Seer - She’s pretty good. Doesn’t beat around the bush and gives you straight answers. However, she also doesn’t go into a lot of details and her answers are basic information she could’ve given anyone. I will have to see how her predictions pan out.

Powerful Visions - Picks up details accurately. Doesn’t tell you what you wanna hear. Still waiting for predictions.
Jennifer W. - She blew me away with what she picked up on. She picked up on him perfectly but when it came to describing me not so much. But either way, she was great and she definitely is gifted.

Danielle - Danielle was alright, but not as good as everyone makes her out to be. She was right about some predictions, but most of them didn’t pan out for me. Plus she blocked me for no reason at all.

GOOD ONES: These ones have been accurate for me quite a bit! Even when I thought it was impossible.

Yazmin - She has always been spot on with describing their core feelings and her predictions. Her timelines can be a bit off at times but she has never failed me. She said things would happen and they almost always end up happening. She is one of the very few I can say has been completely accurate every single time, even when I have doubted her. Still waiting on her major prediction but I have no doubt it will happen. She is amazing, without a doubt.

SarahJane - This woman blew me away with what she knew. She picked up on our situation about the argument with no information at all. She knew how it got started, what he was feeling, what he has said to me, etc. The only thing she needs is names. She is amazing! She has become one of my favorites for sure. She is one of the best psychics I have ever came across.

Watchman Aquiya - Everything she predicted has came to pass. Everything. I see a lot of negative things written about her and I don’t understand why because she is amazing. 

Amber’s Light - I believe she is real without a doubt. Everything she has said has came to pass

Master Enigma - A lot of people say that his predictions don’t come true for them, but I had a different experience. Even though he does push his timelines back quite a bit and it may seem like he only tells you what you wanna hear, he has been right for me almost every single time. Maybe he is just a good guesser.

Albert Valentine - Ok, so I’m putting him here because I do believe he is real. I don’t know about his predictions yet but it amazes me what all he picked up. He asked me if the guy I was asking about visits “Dancers” and I responded with no. He said he seen the equivalent of him and a dance pole. I didn’t believe it and hung up on him because I thought he was making it up. Then I went to his social media a couple weeks after and there was a woman on there dressed in a dance outfit and she had checked into dance clubs. This woman is clearly a dancer. I knew right away that he was RIGHT and he was the real deal. I’m amazed at him. Didn’t like anything else he had to tell me but he’s probably right.



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