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Money and Law of attraction
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:59:56 AM »
I’m lately struggling with paying my bills... well I’m catching up... but I’m feeling like such a miser towards my bills and it’s really bugging me. And I’m trying to figure out the emotion behind it.

Anyone watch that movie “he’s just not that into you”? that guy mentions that women tend to pay bills until the last day it’s due -for drama... and I noticed that I use to do that... so for awhile when I first got my paycheck I would immediately pay it all upfront... but now it’s changed-I immediately only pay 1/2 or a small portion of my bills (even if I do have the full amount)... then wait until a few more days to pay the rest... or the last date it’s due for the rest... for drama? I dunno.

Why am i doing this? ...I guess the other half is to hold onto case I need it for psychic ... no, I think I already set that aside, but then I always go over. Why am I being such a miser towards my bills? It’s really bugging me.

I try to think of law of attraction and apply that. Say thank you when you get paid, say thank you when you pay your bills. Thank you for the service it provides you... but I feel I can’t pinpoint this fear specifically emotion about this 1/2 payment issue with bills