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I have had a tumultuous couple of weeks personally, which I will probably semi update about on a psychic thread in a couple of weeks, but I didn't want to miss jumping on the forum to chime in about the final episode of my favorite show. My hopes for Jon/Dany and Jaime/Brienne long-term romances were clearly shattered. Last week I was just wtf???!!! 😳 Tonight I was glad Jon took her out; she was the Mad Queen now and nothing was going to change that. He confirmed that before he did it. Drogon burnt the throne, imo, because he knew it was her lust for the throne that caused her death so he destroyed that which had destroyed her. I was pleased with the outcome for the remaining players. Tyrion has always been my favorite and I was so glad he survived and was made Hand. The small council is made up of noble characters now and the King has no desire for power. The show ended with genuine hope for a future for the people without tyranny. I loved Jon's reunion with Ghost. He had told Tormund he wished he could go with him beyond the wall and now he is. Sansa always wanted to be a queen and now she is. As for Cersei and Jaime, it was fitting. He always said "The things I do for love." No matter how much he had grown, he was always going to love her. Arya has always been one of my favorites too. She watched her father get beheaded as a small child and then found out her mother and brother, Rob, had been murdered when she was almost home to them. She sucked it up and survived. She became a badass because she had no one left she could trust. I liked that in the end she maintained that independence and sailed off into the unknown. I wish Sandor would have lived and he and Sansa been together, but the story began with the Starks and it ended with them. I guess I'm just a sucker for happy endings. I'm sad now too. At least I'll have the final book(s) eventually and maybe that will tell a different tale. Cheers GoT! I will miss you!