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Re: Lanie Stevens Guided Meditations
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You're welcome!

Ya, I do that with the youtube link I sent, just close my eyes, lie down and follow the guided meditation.


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Re: Lanie Stevens Guided Meditations
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I've used this for over a year and had great success in the first 8 months until my target got overwhelmed and completely terrified and did something to sabotage our relationship. So I'd say as advice, it's important to trust the process and understand divine timing and that the future will be what it's meant to be and to detach with love when it comes to whomever you are hoping to attract back.

Yes, I've read that when it's working, your target can get overwhelmed and fight it big time. I didn't do it long and now just enjoy LOA and basic meditations (serenity, less stress, drawing positive situations, etc) and letting go of the man right now, as he's working through his own crap......though I do get concerned that he's ok sometimes. Some things never change. Lol. I could pick up the phone and call him. We'd start the whole merry go round again, but Im not this time around! Silent, that's me!

Last year was a rough one in many aspects of my life so now I'm working on myself!! Of course, with a few readings here and there!! Again, some things never change. Haah!

Edit: if you're really interested, check out binaural beats to add.....they really make a difference for me. I have a bb app I downloaded to my iPhone and you can play an MP3 meditation, from your iTunes, simultaneously. If interested, let me know.
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Re: Lanie Stevens Guided Meditations
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I have all her books and guided meditations.

I think a lot of people try and make meditation a lot more complicated than it really is.  You can meditate any time, any place and under any circumstances.  I bought her meditations because I thought they would have more suggested language for the visualizations (what you are saying, what he is saying) until I really got the hang of the whole manifestation process and could just do and not think.  I'm not sorry I bought them, I just wish they didn't go on and on and on with the "relax" part.  I can get to relax on my own in 5 seconds.

Amb, when your mind wanders, just bring it back.  It's like when you are driving and you start to drift into the other lane a bit.  You correct the wheel to get back in your lane and keep going.  You don't get out and abandon your car on the road, lol.  Also, if your mind is wandering too much, just stop and go back to it later. 

I cut off my emotions towards this person before I started doing this, so it's very hard for me to actually "feel" the emotions as I do it.  I think it would have been a lot easier to "feel" if I hadn't done that.