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1 / Re: JUDIs Inner Light
« Last post by Sooshi on Today at 02:05:27 AM »
She's my favorite because she's channeled consistently verifiable information for me, often word for word. There's been many times she's said exact phrases the person I'm asking about said either prior, or even more impressively, they've said those exact words the next time I've spoken to them.  Her info was so specific, that a woman I've had nothing but problems with had a falling out with her best friend, because the info Judi gave me were things only her best friend knew and she thought she was talking about her to me behind her back.
I asked Emmy for a general read Jan 2017 and she basically told me she saw a betrayal from a man that I didn’t really have a strong foundation with. She worded it differently but it happened Oct 2017. Ex slept with his now gf a month after we had our baby. I read with Cookie and she’s gotten some details correct. Waiting on predictions to pass.
I have never read with Yona and the others have not been accurate for me in terms of predictions. Queen of Cups did say something that was kind of true but I can’t remember when I read with her, so I can’t say for sure what she said was actually true. I read with Emmy recently and probably won’t again. When did you read with her that she was able to predict this betrayal? The only advisor that’s ever been 100% accurate in what they saw has been Cookie for me.
The Vent / When your ex ask you to remove pictures from social medi
« Last post by FlutterShy on Today at 12:50:38 AM »
Well I read with esther Neptune and she got the contact prediction right! I mean I truly wasn’t expecting that at all. Said my ex would be in contact by the end of the weekend. So that part did happen. The rest got muddled and would say just got twisted!!!
Esther said he would want to make peace- nope
We fought he wanted me to take down picture of us from my birthday last year that he’s tagged in. I said no! And he can untag himself, block me for all I care! (Dumbass learn to use fb then!!!) but I deleted it since he was grossly being petty, so he can have this so-called victory... :(
But...That was so hurtful.

On the other hand if he’s being this childish it’s kinda a good sign. But no he’s being utterly hurtful... sigh maybe he wants to impress someone new.

Raven flight said there is someone new... and under pressure but her read felt sloppily scripted. I asked him too if that why and he said no ... but who knows.

Jade8928 also got timing right and said we would fight and be hurtful (I haven’t r ad with her in about 2-3months only because prediction for timing were not happening so I gave it break and explored other advisors.

Tara garden did say we would talk before the end of the month. So that is true...

So when your ex asks you to remove photos from fb... were not even friends anymore I unfriended him when we broke up. But i do regret it. And it’s been 8 months since we broke up... it still hurt.
5 / Re: JUDIs Inner Light
« Last post by Bostongirl on Today at 12:19:15 AM »
I've no idea why this woman is so popular... she was so wrong for me. I got the he not ready scared of relationship crap.
6 / Re: Torey
« Last post by Psychiclove on April 19, 2018, 11:54:53 PM »
My question to her was when POI would reach out to talk next. When I asked, I meant by phone/text/e-mail/actual conversation. She said within 48-hours. On Day 2, I saw he clicked on my profile but I'm not sure if he actually intended for me to see So did he contact?  :P If you try her, let me know how she does for you. I might give her another try to see if she connects better this time around. I feel she can pick up on some stuff but doesn't know exactly in what context to place them.
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by Tthompsj on April 19, 2018, 09:58:52 PM »
Hi guys! I found this link. Is this same Yona?

If so why is she charging different and cheaper here. I know her site says Readings can only be purchased through her it’s confusing.

Tthompsj thanks for the info. It will help a lot. Are not charges for 30min are 65 in USD?

This is her site:

It is the same site as the one you listed, but you need to REFRESH yours (or just click on the HOME button on the left).
30Min Tarot Reading is 40pounds.  1 USD = 1.408 British Pounds. So yes, it does equally around $58 (give or take a few cents).
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by Newlife on April 19, 2018, 08:43:19 PM »
She no longer uses that site....

Hi guys! I found this link. Is this same Yona?

If so why is she charging different and cheaper here. I know her site says Readings can only be purchased through her it’s confusing.

Tthompsj thanks for the info. It will help a lot. Are not charges for 30min are 65 in USD?
9 / Re: JUDIs Inner Light
« Last post by Sooshi on April 19, 2018, 08:26:12 PM »

Maybe she was kicked off Keen for reading will her Keen callers off the platform?  I know for a fact that Keen monitors this forum.

Personally, I'd like to see Keen go down the drain.  They take way too much of a cut from Advisors.

I don't think it was mentioned on the forum about her reading outside of keen. At least not that I've seen. They may have monitored her calls or read emails if she did get suspended from there, but as NJLady mentioned, there's limits to what limitations they can place on her.
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Yona Farrell
« Last post by fish512 on April 19, 2018, 07:36:16 PM »
I just had my reading done with my 60 minute reading with  Yona after 3 weeks of waiting.

Well...I'm not really sure what to say. She didnt exactly blow me away even though she did get some things accurate (more on that later). She does waffle on abit, and it's hard to get a word in edgeways because she talks over you.

But yes, she did predict my current predicament that I have at the moment. It wasn't in immense detail but the rough outline of my predicament was there.

She said I had two POI's. This is the truth. One of them was a complete accurate description of him.

The other POI she said isnt actually my POI. She said I would be expecting an apology from someone and when i get the apology it will feel like it's just excuses. I didn't really know what she meant but low and behold the next day one of my "so-called friends" apologised to me about a situation and it felt like total excuses! Then I realised it's exactly what Yona said and predicted! And it came true the following day.

So although it wasn't my POI it still turned out be an accurate prediction. My other POI didn't come up in the reading which was dissapointing...

Yona then went on to talk about this narrative involving a couple of people that I'm yet to meet in the future. We'll see if that happens.

All in all, it was a good reading, it didn't blow me away, but there's alot of accuracy with Yona and so I'd definitely reccomend her.
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