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How do you get an email reading? I don't see it anywhere as an option.

If you didn’t buy an email reading in her last offering back in August, you’re out of luck because Kisha’s posted on her website that she won’t be offering emails readings for the remainder of 2021. Kisha’s post also said she may offer email readings in 2022 at random, but email readings will be phased out all together because Kisha can’t commit to them on a regular basis.
« Last post by Poppoytamos on Today at 06:28:12 AM »
I have followed up reading with CD today, and honestly she picked up a lot.
She knows POI is a carpenter. Very talented and gifted this CD
Bitwine / Re: HELP PLEASE!!!
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The break-up happened approximately 9-10 months in the following year , after QOC predicted a permanent break-up. I thought that Queen of Cups 18 was being pessimistic and when days turned into weeks and he and I were still together I just knew She and I did not connect until , We had a Huge fight that we could not recover from.

:( do you remember what you asked QofC?
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Email Readings
« Last post by wishes215 on Today at 01:53:27 AM »
she's talking abut kisha

im with you on this. you never know which year she is referring to:)things she was accurate apt, were they work related or a relationship?

wow!I love hearing that. now, are these general email readings or you ask specific questions? I'm always shocked at how accurately she sees the past, I mean right to the exact week, month. I mean I'm always blown away by that. but future, I'm still unsure of. it may happen but only time will tell. will report back.

She was spot on with my past and future predictions. I ended up sending a few people to her who all said the same thing.

I won't go into detail but one thing was so unexpected, and far fetched.. the fact she picked up on it before I even had an idea it was a possibility.. and then it happened. It was crazy!

She also predicted my step sister needing a surgery before she even got injured.. and perfectly described the doctor who would be doing it.


These were all general email readings! I just booked my first general outlook phone call with her, hoping to be as blown away!

A lot of things she said didn't resonate at first but those were the ones that ended up being the most crazy and accurate so I typically gravitate towards general readings. The craziest thing she predicted (that I was talking about) she predicted it for May of that year, and it ended up being May the following year. So that's one thing, is the things she sees have for the most part have happened for me, just not always within the "year" time frame people think.

Both - I'll message u.. it's so hard to explain haha.

I dont message ppl often on here.. so I think i did but im not sure if i did it right?! lmk haha

are you talking about leanne or kisha?
OMG - jaw dropped!  I dont read often but I read with Kisha today!   HOLY SHIT....   her reading was literally and I mean literally dead on!   I did a 20 minute love reading and I asked her to start off with what she picked up.   I have been in a 14 month relationship.   For the most part it's been really good but the past 3/4 months we have had some issues!  She started out literally saying that exact thing and then went into exactly everything onto exactly how I am feeling and then into what the energy feels like for the next 6 months....   We shall see if that all happens!

she's been incredible when it comes to the past, like this happened and then this happened and its all true:) future predictions, she has been right in the past but the last time I read with her, she was more detailed about whats coming up so we will see.
How do you get an email reading? I don't see it anywhere as an option.

she opens them up every now and then but I haven't seen them in a while now.
very wrong on everything . she could not even see ny career type .
I was not fond of her reading either. But she was nice.
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: Leanne Halyburton
« Last post by KitKat121 on September 18, 2021, 11:19:28 PM »
Well this was my first time ever getting a reading with Leanne I was skeptics after seeing all these review but I am shocked to see how many predictions have already happened since my reading and have happened in the last or recently , so she may have seen it further down the line but I did tell her that those certain predictions have actually already taken place in the past year. So she does have a gift for sure whichever way people like to perceive it
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« Last post by HornetKick on September 18, 2021, 09:16:04 PM »
I was just told during a pm and read on her site the following: I am not offering email readings.
Storefront Psychics & Online Services / Re: ARIES INTUITION - NEW OFFICIAL THREAD
« Last post by JackY on September 18, 2021, 05:27:14 PM »
How do you get an email reading? I don't see it anywhere as an option.
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