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I read with Michelle Whitedove and dont know if it's accurate since I can't verify any info.
Any review about Michelle Whitedove please?
Just chat with Rachel on Purple Indigo and damnnn she was so on point
The Vent / My Story
« Last post by love123 on May 27, 2023, 10:05:18 PM »
I have been addicted to psychic readings on and off for the past 4 years. I began reading with psychics when I had one DM me on Instagram asking if I would want a reading. Conveniently, this was around the same time that a guy I was seeing ghosted me. This psychic did not tell me what I wanted to hear in regards to him which did a lot of damage to my ego, but then I got the idea to reach out to more psychics and get a “second opinion.” That was a big mistake and the beginning of my psychic addiction and binge readings.

I signed up on Keen and instantly became obsessed, there was so many highs and lows when it came to the readings, especially when the predictions did not come to pass. I have talked to multiple advisors, some have been accurate but for the most part, they have been completely wrong. I think that’s what caused me to keep going back. Every relationship I have been in since or guy I have dated since, I have fully relied on a psychics readings to get the insight of his thoughts towards me, when they would ask me out again, when I would hear from them again, etc. I went through one of the worse relationship experiences of my life (so far and praying there won’t be any others), but NO psychic picked up that he was cheating the whole 2 years. A few picked up when there was someone more consistent around him, who is the girl he is now dating (Honest Psychic Katherine and Moniquee who I do highly recommend, they were able to pick up on the third party before I even knew and they were able to pin point the month I would find out about her).

I have relied on advisors for far too long and I am trying my best to cut the cored but it’s more difficult than I thought. I have started going to therapy and working on myself instead of focusing on what psychic’s are telling me to do/say/feel towards the person I am dating. I need to let this go and just go with the flow instead of stressing and having anxiety about every situation until I have a reading with predictions that come true (which, as we know, is so rare).

This forum has helped me realize that I am not the only person who is in this boat. It has helped me notice that not all psychics on Keen with amazing reviews are accurate or correct on your situation and it has helped me to become more independent with my choices.

I have a short list below of the readers who were wrong and the readers that were accurate for me.

Wrong (there are a TON more, but I just chose the ones who were extremely wrong on my situations):

•   Ron Knows What He is Thinking (read with him a lot when I first started, he was crazy inaccurate and none of his predictions past)
•   Elizabeth of the Light (super negative, I thought she was right because she “wasn’t giving me a fairy tale reading” but overall rude and nothing she predicted passed)
•   Love Expert Sarah (read with her a lot when I first joined keen, very sweet but soooo wrong)
•   Erin Shawn (I loved her, I read with her all the time. She was my go to, but unfortunately I think she fed off of the friendship we had built. I would call her all the time but literally not one prediction came to pass)
•   Queen of Cups (I know she has worked for many but she was horrible with me and actually ended up yelling at me over the phone when I called a second time and told her that her previous prediction didn’t pass and wanted her to look into it again for me)
•   Marla Lovelane (tries to keep you on the phone for as long as possible, fairy tale reader)
•   Eli Casey (more like a therapy session and would try to keep you on longer than needed)
•   Faery Lady (I waited in a long time to read with her, she gave me specific dates. One of which did pass so I was hopeful but unfortunately no other predictions passed)
•   Mignone Divine Medium (horrible, nothing passed – super preachy)
•   Sincerity (couldn’t pickup the third party even when I told her it was there)
•   Justaskdrdonna (said my POI would fully commit to me and we would get married, 1 week later my friend found him on “are we dating the same guy” Facebook group where we live)
•   Stephan can help (lots of false hope, no predictions ever passed)


•   Angelic Dream (always accurate with her timing predictions)
•   Honest Psychic Katherine (has NEVER given me false hope, is always accurate and honest with what she sees)
•   Moniquee (VERY accurate when it comes to 3rd parties, she’s not the best with timing but her predictions overall do pass)
•   Karen Jo (unreal in picking up my POI’s thoughts/feelings)
•   Leanne Hale (has never told me what I wanted to hear but has always been accurate in her predictions)
•   Lady P (obsessed with her, she is unbelievably accurate and has been for 2 situations)
Arabella was right for me, she told me one thing and another.
I realize psychic can only pick up current though cause predictions always changing
Psychic Readings That Came True / Re: Psychic Readings That Came True
« Last post by Lowson on May 27, 2023, 02:54:34 PM »
Andrew Luke told me that I will receive money and he saw number 9.

is it right?

It was correct

What else about the prediction? was it detailed?
6 / Re: The Empath
« Last post by JessicaDuBois on May 27, 2023, 01:42:15 PM »
She was wrong on the situation with my POI so I didn’t stay on the phone long enough to give a prediction.  Who care what you think is going to happen if you can’t even understand the current situation.  Another advisor who makes up stories.
7 / Re: Keen psychics are NOT vetted.
« Last post by JessicaDuBois on May 27, 2023, 01:28:08 PM »
Keen is not a platform for psychics.  It is a platform for entertainment.  Remember this as you get outlandishly wrong readings, get ensnarled in conflicting statements from a single or multiple readers, and do the “keen shuffle” going from advisor to advisor.  Advisors share stories about callers on the advisor forum.  They share details about clients and then refer clients to advisors they’ve shared details with.  It’s a scam.  There are very few truly gifted psychics on Keen. 
MonarchofNymph is Tara on Purple Indigo
I was very desperate to find good psychics too. But I have found few who really picked up something
Psychic Readings That Came True / Re: Psychic Readings That Came True
« Last post by Engagement2 on May 26, 2023, 02:45:45 PM »
Andrew Luke told me that I will receive money and he saw number 9.

is it right?

It was correct
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