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I have seen spells work. But done free from a practicing wiccan with the right books and materials.

I watched a person react to a spell casted on him. It was scary at first.

Online spells by those claiming never work.
The Vent / Focusing on yourself??
« Last post by Seeker23 on Today at 07:01:26 AM »
Since the situation with the ex my ability to focus on myself has been missing and unable to focus. The heart ache was real in this matter. The emotional support of friend wasn't so good and I found myself removing myself from negativity. Then the psychic readings seem to move me in a direction of false hope, waiting, and thinking of.

Focusing on my life, work, etc was taken away. So....steadily getting back to myself. But pissed at myself.
The Vent / Re: My experience with online Psychics
« Last post by Seeker23 on Today at 05:41:41 AM »
As I stated above, my intuition the last couple of weeks had been alerting me of something. My senses just seem to point to him "being gone." A psychic long ago told me not to feel that way.

I no longer have any control of the matter. I went for a ride one night and just had this calmness come over me and then a moment just sitting at a stop light I just muttered he is gone.Meaning,  I am not a thought in his mind anymore. Not a care and he lost in whatever with the woman he is with now until that doesn't work.
The Vent / Re: My experience with online Psychics
« Last post by Seeker23 on Today at 05:30:59 AM »
Each day has not been to kind to me.  I keep on wanting to hear that phone call or knock at the door and an apology that two psychic told me he would do. When people look at me they describe me as looking sad and preoccupied. (My thought have been of him and the way he had made me feel.)

A lady asked me today if I was ok. Because it looked like I was crying. Again, I wish he could walk a day in my shoes and feel what I feel. But never will happen.

I try to knock myself out of being depressed.

The weirdest thing I am going to share and there are many conclusions that I can come to, as to why it happen, but it never happen with anyone else I was with.

When the two of us got involved and reached that point where I stayed by him.

I would come home, sleep in my own bed alone, but would wake up feeling out of place. I woke up once thinking I was at his place, then another half a sleep wondering where he was. I woke up a third time feeling I should be with him, in his place and needed him and felt out of place.

I literally never had that happen before with anyone. Nor that feeling. It was the strangest thing, but subsided.

He often spoke of dreams he had when we talked. I do not put much weight on it, because the dreams were in relation to what we talked about. Like one he had where he said, "I dreamt we were living in a condo together with three Weiner dogs."

Just things that was discussed came up in his dreams. I am sure that had drifted off to the one he is with now.
The Vent / Re: Predictions
« Last post by Seeker23 on Today at 05:05:55 AM »
It is a struggle. I had a few give predictions or timelines consistent with one another, but here I wait and still nothing. Absolute silence on the other end.
The Vent / Re: My experience with online Psychics
« Last post by Seeker23 on Today at 05:02:15 AM »
Thank you for the responses!

Hard to deal with what these psychics tell you and then to deal with what is happening around you and the obvious that the person does not care about you anymore.

I do not know what they have to achieve by lying to a person. I am more inclined to stay away from and think they are a fraud when what they purport does not happen or is seen.

7 / Re: Dr Lisa Powerful Insights
« Last post by Member5 on Today at 03:08:38 AM »
If I had listened to her and chose to work with someone else on that project I would have totally screwed myself with my career. The only other person I could have worked with actually ended up getting fired right after the fact, and it was vital to have one of the two working with me as they had a special skill set I needed to complete the work. Maybe she mixed up energies or something, but I just hated the condescending and patronizing fake concern she put on with me like my mental health was not good. Not everyone who calls is desperately hanging on to an ex or cannot function without a psychic or therapist.
8 / Re: Who would you choose?
« Last post by Member5 on Today at 03:03:21 AM »
I have never had any luck with QoC when it comes to someones feelings. I love Advisor Neal for that, he is an awesome empath who can really tune in quick and honestly. The Angel has been really good for me for that too.
9 / Re: Readers Changing Names like Underwear?
« Last post by Member5 on Today at 02:59:48 AM »
I understand if a reader is using their real name and no longer wants to, or does want to use their real name so that it is easier for clients to find themselves outside of Keen. But like that Lisa lady... First she was Dr Lisa Love POwerful Insights, now its Lisa Rainbow Warrior Goddess, before that it was something else, and I know she changed it a couple times in between too and I have seen that guy James Vitale has changed his name a bunch too. Just strange because if I was a reader I would pick a name and stick with it so clients knew how to find me.
I agree it is an anxiety problem but for me it started as a MAN problem. I did not have the anxiety problem before I got involved with my last ex. Even with the previous ex I was very careful about not calling too much. It was the last ex who pushed me over the edge emotionally. I have had to deconstruct what it was about him that cased me so much anxiety my normal coping mechanisms didn't work anymore. Part of it was that he was very unpredictable in general. And then he changed his whole attitude towards me so suddenly it put me into emotional shock and disrupted my endocrine system.

Sometimes the answer is not to find better ways to cope with anxiety. The answer is to avoid people who cause you excessive and unnecessary anxiety. This could be because they are a bad match to your personality. Could be because THEY have poor coping mechanisms and they dump their problems on you. Or could be because they are an asshole.
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