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You can go on those sites now and count the negative reviews. Feel free if you don’t believe it. Platforms are a business. The goal is to keep clients calling, not keep accurate advisors. But you also have free will to believe whatever you like. I don’t use platforms so I could care less what they practice I was sharing my past experiences.  There is always either no negative reviews or very few.

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I have not posted on here in ages but the situation I was calling about years ago pretty much 99% of readers were wrong on. It wd take me days to contact to contact all of them and tell them. I can’t even remember most of the readers tbh

I can’t believe how much I spent on these readings all over a total waste of time guy lol

Yes I remember you lol I’m so glad you are okay !!! Isn’t it such a liberating feeling to leave the nonsense alone! I love it here 😆

Yesssss !  Nice to see some familiar names on here 😊

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During my binging phase, I reached out to several advisors to let them know they were wrong. “Matthew2000” from keen blocked me almost immediately after messaging him. “Know4Sure” did the same thing as well, she did apologize but still blocked me afterwards from keen too. I believe she goes under a different name now and has jacked up her price to continue to feed people nonsense.

Lastly, another one who fed me nonsense and copy and paste responses like others was another reader called “Powerful Visions by Jo” on keen. She charged over 40$ a min when I read with her over three years ago; I know my mistake. But eventually her scandal was brought about. I see since then she has changed her name on keen. I was blamed for the outcome being wrong back then when I reached out to her. I realized I did nothing wrong and it was the other parties fault and it took me a long time to see this. I eventually took the high road and moved on with my life.

*I realize no psychic is 100% right and none are god. I was a repeat customer to these readers listed above. With the amount of money I spent, there confidence in the readings, and false information I was given, I choose to inquire and tell them they were wrong. As I was in terrible place during that time period and had no idea how the psychic business worked.*

I did have had a few nice readers help me through my rough times though (Holly keen, Psychicangel777 keen, and Powerful Visions Anna Kasamba). As I cannot say some didn’t stand behind there word or not be helpful because these three were when reaching out to them.

While many other readers either didn’t respond, got defensive, removed my reviews, and/or just blocked me I can say there are a few good ones that stand behind there word. They are far and few between though.  Eventually, I made it to the keen basher list because of my reviews and less readers would read for me. I’m ok with that though because I don’t get or want readings from platforms anymore. When negative reviews are far and few in between, that often tells me the integrity of the site. I wanted to believe all the glowing reviews, but in the end I found many of those reviews to be fake, purchased, or manipulated somehow that’s just my opinion. Hence how I partially got roped into hopping from psychic to psychic and shelling out thousands.
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