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Books on Development
« on: May 26, 2011, 10:31:48 PM »
Psychic development can be fun because we are all born with it, it can also be hard and confussing. I know for me it has been hard for most parts. I am reading three books right now that are really good and helping me with my development. These books are: Energy Work: The secret of healing and spiritual development by Robert Bruce, How to meditate by John Novak, and Psychic Development for beginners by William Hewitt. My faviorite so far has been the one called Psychic development for beginners, because it gives excerecises that can be done to help.

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Re: Books on Development
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That's very good activity started by you. It will will work as productive investment of time by you. I wish to see you as a good psychic reader very soon. Good luck! :)