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Re: Final outcomes
« Reply #30 on: May 24, 2021, 05:40:50 PM »
@WhimerJ you did  say it and for that reason- waterfall came through with the receipts about how you’ve spoken to people, unprovoked, just about Yona. I wasn’t trying to help the conflict, frankly, I was calling you TF out.

I have tried telling people multiple times before to let it go with the constant bickering but they don’t... as is their prerogative. This thread which was about MY story became a shit show many posts ago. I only even created it in the first place because  you made the original thread I did about this toxic and off topic by being vile when  I was already depressed  and felt like SHIT.

I was not letting that hypocrisy slip by, despite you telling me off for how unneeded and unnecessary my comment was. You may say you’ve changed now but The North Remembers. I’ve said all I needed to say. The rest of the rows can continue now... which actually you reignited after it lay dormant.

Alright well whatever the reason I’m sorry. Okay? I just want everyone to get along. I don’t think that’s necessary to bring up further argument. It only causes more tension and frustration from both parties and does nothing to help. So I am sorry. Let’s move on and just spread kindness.

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Re: Final outcomes
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can someone pm me the discord link please!!