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My story and my reviews after almost 1 year.
« on: September 12, 2020, 10:24:14 PM »
Hello! (I'm sorry if my english is not perfect, it's not my first langage).

So here is my story. In December last year, I met a man. It was really fusional, I had never experienced something like that (and he too according to his words) ... It was very intense, but after 3 weeks he decided to stop and he told me contradictory things, like whatever he had met someone else and he doesn't believe that he could have developed feelings for me ... Subsequently I had a lot of pain (more than when my ex had left me). Anyway, I started to loosen hope towards the end of the summer and decided that it was time to move on because we had never spoken again ... So, no hope. I even wrote to him at the end of July, and he never opened and replied to my message. It was the moment that I told myself that I really had to move on.

By the way, I met someone recently. For the first time since the other guy, someone I was really connecting and interested in. Unfortunately, he told me today that because of the distance he could not and that he was not ready for a relationship ... But he want to speak to me again ang blahblah. So, again it's the same history ... :(

So, here is my reviews of all the psychics I have had since this meeting.

Purple Ocean :

Nikki Rich : I was not happy of his answer because it was not what I want to hear, but finally it was true. She said it's really over, she said its something else who cause the end. She said there's a possibily we will talk more later or reconnect (at fall) but nothing more. She saw an important relationship for me later. Probably the more realist reading on purple ocean about this relationship.
Bella Love : Prrobably a scam to be honest. She said gave me a fairy tale and the prediction of contact never happened.
Love Life Psychic : I like her, but the first reading she said he will comeback. After that she said his energy have changed and he will comeback more later. I dont think. BUT she saw a new job for me in the exact time frame.
Kristine Intuitive : She said he will contact by curiosity in 1 week (no) after the reading. She sense a possible possibility to comeback together. And if that happen it will be for short time.
Newlight angel : Prediction never passed, she said he will comeback and contact me
PiperGoodfellow : It's sad because I really like her, but sadly the prediction never passed, she said he will comeback
Scarlet Walker : Same thing, prediction never passed
SweetOrange : It was a little bit confused, but she said he wll not comeback, but he will contact me end of july and we will see each other but nothing more. No, he never contacted me, it was me but not answer. She said I will be in a relationship next year.
Psychic MattWarren : I never ask about this guy, but I had a reading in july if I will meet someone. He saw I will meet a guy after the summer and it was positive. But he said it will be in face to face... Yes I met someone end of august early september but it was on a dating app and finally it will not evolve sadly.
Lily Oak : She saw we will talk and see each other and I will see after that if I want to comeback with him or not. If not, I will meet someone else next year. The time frame have passed about the reconnection.
Lola The Espiritista : She said he will comeback, and if not it will be someone else.. Nop.
Chosen Raven : It was about the new guy I met, she said if I want to be with him I need to be patient because he is not ready for a relationship so that can take a long time but he like to be with me. So it will be my choice.
Jennifer Louise : It was probably my favorite but i'm really not sure now.. She said he will comeback but she always see I will have a choice to do between him and another guy. The time frame was always pushed.. And nothing have happened..

Leanne Hallyburton : To be honest I don't know what to think. I had my reading with her early january, just after it was over with the guy. She said she saw a relationship soon and the way she described the relationship and the guy I was sure it was him. So I dont know if she read the past... And She talk a little bit about my ex but thats it. No other guy. But, she was good about my career, and how I feel she said I will have a new job in 6 weeks and yes it was the good time frame. She said I will start a new course. And Yes I just start a course. I had another reading with her last month. And I was really really confused... She talked about 3 guy and now i'm not sure if she talk of some guy of my past or later. But it's like I will not have a relationship before a long time again.. :(

Yona Farell : I had a reading with her in may. It's too soon to tell if the predictions will happen. She said I will not reconnect with an ex (someone I have feelings), she said he have brown eyes. But the guy have green eyes and my ex brown. So I dont know.. And she said I will meet someone in september or october but because of the virus maybe its a little later. Yes I met someone but like I said before its not working sadly.. She jsut talk in my reading about the 2 mens.. We will see. She saw studies for me and the majority of what she said makes sense. I really like her. I have a top up reading in october.

Eva : it's my french psychic reader. She just talk in french so I dont think someone here is interested. But I have several prediction who passed in the past. She said end of july, I will meet a new guy and something serious in 7-8 months. What she said was in line with yona. But the decription she made of the guy really look the the men I met recently so im confused.

Etsy :
The Thinking palace : It's too soon to tell but she said the guy I met recently it will not work ans she saw a new relationship but she didnt give me informations about when and the guy lol..
Peter Dykes Clairvoyant : said he will comeback.. no

Noors : prediction in the past have happened but now im not sure. She said he will comeback and when it will happen I will have meet someone new. I had a new reading after I met the new guy and it was positive.. but I dont think that will happen.

Bitwine :
Loving Touch : I really like her but the contact prediction didnt happen and she saw he will comeback.. no

Abundant Visions (Gaylene) : In my reading early february she said I will ear from him soon in 1. And he will comeback. No.

Micah : I really like him and he the reading was very detailed but sadly it will not happen. He said he will comeback.

So to be honest, now im very in peace the guy will not comeback, Im very detached now i dont want him. Im feel sad about the new guy.. And sad im not able to find someone who want to be with me. Im tired of dating app, but I dont know a lot of people in my town.. Im very tired..Im single since 2 years, I have 28 years old and im sad not happen.. im feel not lucky lol. Ill keep update if something new will happen.

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Re: My story and my reviews after almost 1 year.
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2020, 01:09:48 AM »
thanks for sharing.
among all of those i have tried and you shared, i like nikki most. yes she is very realistic and doesnt mind to tell you bad news.
love life psychic is also OK, shes been consistent in my issues
orange could be confusing, i agreed.

that chosen raven, i am not too sure; she seems cannot see too far away (or maybe it's the tarot issues) so it's a lot of uncertainty i sensed in her reading; i wont go back to her

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Re: My story and my reviews after almost 1 year.
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2020, 01:33:52 AM »
I have to say that I have read with probably everyone on PO and for some reason Nikki Rich didn't ring a bell. I logged in to check and I actually read with her first week of May. Funny because her time-frame prediction was taking me into January 2021 so I disregarded her as being inaccurate as literally everyone else was telling me this one thing would happen July/August this year. Well guess what? It's September and it still hasn't happened. More recently I've read with Leeloo and Kisha (Kisha back in June) and they also said January. With that being said, thank you for sharing because it's good to see that PO does have good ones!

Thank you, I’m happy to have another review :)

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Re: My story and my reviews after almost 1 year.
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2021, 01:01:38 AM »
I just read with Nikki and it was super positive which I am not in a good spot rn with POI or maybe it’s just how I feel about the situation. But she literally said after I asked to clarify since I got mad at him a few nights ago and haven’t spoken she said he will reach out and I see a fresh start here. Very positive so idk maybe I’m just skeptical.

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Re: My story and my reviews after almost 1 year.
« Reply #4 on: August 14, 2021, 02:13:08 AM »
sorry I cannot review any of your psychics because I haven't read with anyone of those except lily oak. i think she was on the negative side. just wanted to say you are still very young, 28 is pretty young:) and you will find someone who will love you back. psychic predictions when it comes to new love isn't much to rely on, as per my experience. so just keep putting yourself out there and you will find someone. all the best.