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This is my review for Abbie 7846 on 

I was pretty excited about my reading with Abbie, thought she was amazing.  She told me why I was calling before could say anything like the other feedback I had read.  She really seemed to know exactly what she was talking about. 

I'm sad right now because I listened and believed everything she said.  I told my friend about the reading and she wanted to call.  Abbie gave her the same reading word for word, exactly what she told me.  (considering over 90% of people in the world have dark hair, it's probably and good guess to say "you're calling about someone that has dark hair").  I feel so stupid, I followed her advice, didn't go with my gut instinct and ended up looking like a fool.  Nothing she said came true.  I do believe in karma, people shouldn't pretend and give advice about things they know nothing about.

Lesson learned, if you have a gut feeling about something...go with it.   

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Re: Abbie
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I had a reader on CP do the same thing to me when I called her for the second time. And I thought she was the only one that had pegged a certain situation. What a waste!