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Psychic MYA KEMP on PPN
« on: July 13, 2019, 06:39:08 PM »
Has anyone tried her. I had had a few readings a couple of years ago and can't even remember what she said. For a specific reason I gave her a call. I hadn't called anyone since earlier this year. I won't go into specifics as to what happened exactly but my call was about the girl that psychics have brought up for a while usually with no information or prodding on my part.

I had 3 short readings and I was quite taken by what she knew without me saying anything. I only gave her the name (first) and she ran with it. She knew things like when I am on the way to work I often see her , knew about her working out at the gym 5 days a week   (Once on the street long ago we got to talking and she said she does 5 days a week if possible), she knew she lived close to me about a 10 minute walk away. I know the general area where she lives and 10 minutes would be about right. I didn't say anything but she said to me "You will be a couple again" You didn't ask but I am that cocky and sure that we would get together. She said that I would see her in about a week ( We will see if that happens)  and  I need to say hello  and that will start something of us just having minor conversations etc and eventually get closer and more comfortable. Then she said later on this year you would have a real date again and start over like no time has passed. She brought up the ex fiancee and told me so many things I know to be true. She said very shocking to me that I won't repeat her and said that you will hear it from her when the time was right what I just told you. I think what she said is true re that story she told me.  Her technique is sketching. You ask a specific question and she sketches out an answer. I asked about something I gave her and she knew details that I haven't told anyone. It was freaky to me.

Has anyone had a reading and can they confirm if she is legit or not?
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Re: Psychic MYA KEMP on PPN
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I ain't got nothing but stock lines from her he scared really likes you he scared he really likes you she kept repeating that and then said that we would be in a relationship for about six to nine more months but it wasn't a long term that he was my practice guy

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Re: Psychic MYA KEMP on PPN
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Nothing she said happened.