Author Topic: HOPE IS WELL :)  (Read 936 times)

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Havnt posted or been here in a while hoping everyone enjoyed mothers day and is remaining stress FREE. I am feeling so much more free and in control of my own path once i stopped reading so much. I was watching a clip of the steve Harvey show and he said to someone "if a man wants u NOTHING will keep him from persuing you" which made me think of this forum. Please dont chase these men or a outcome that one of these advisors told u...Anyway I have spent less on reads ,i now only read wit the same 2-3 ppl max ...i told myself next relationship im going to try to not read at all. I think i reached a point where im happy enough to not read but also i get curious to know whats ahead 🤔 of luck on everyones journey tho and happy mothers day to all!
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