Author Topic: How to interpret psychic knocks to solar plexus  (Read 521 times)

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How to interpret psychic knocks to solar plexus
« on: February 06, 2019, 10:12:32 PM »
How to interpret psychic knocks to solar plexus. Psychic Punch. Psychic Kicks

Whilst in a shop recently, having a small chit chat with the female attendant, I received a very big psychic punch or kick or psychic knock to the solar plexus or third Charaka.
The female attendant said something and about half way through their sentence, I was almost doubled over with a massive psychic energy knock to my solar plexus.

My immediate feeling was something bad was about to happen, and I thought it was going to happen to them (sexual assault). I had some other thoughts and predictions all at the same time. (An upcoming local basketball final, winner)

I know I receive intuition about others, randomly, and on random topics. This is the first psychic knock I have ever had, so I have no basis for reference.

After they had finished, and I had 10 seconds to calm, reflect, I considered telling them what I have sensed, and I got my usual feeling of ‘bad idea’ so I kept my mouth shut.

A month later I noticed this shop attendants personality had changed. She, had become a little more defensive, and not as friendly. I reconsidered if I should have told her, but the sense I feel is that it doesn’t matter, neither a negative or positive feeling (Good idea or Bad idea).
I have since learned that this female began a new relationship shortly afterwards.

My Question.

Could this psychic knock been to warn me, that she will become unavailable to me, romantically, even thou I know she had flirted towards me, subtly and then obviously, but I wasn’t all that interested in with her (I had several negative feelings of not a good idea to have a relationship with her).


Did something, sorry could something have bad happen to her. I have asked her, she got very defensive. It could be it is a tender conversation, or something very personal and doesn’t want me to know anything about it, or the assault may never have happened.

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Re: How to interpret psychic knocks to solar plexus
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 10:28:31 PM »
Since no one is replying I'll rephrase the question

What does or could a psychic punch/kick/knock to the solar plexus Charaka mean?

Third Charaka = friends.
1.Warning about a friend
2.Pay attention this is important
3.Something bad is going to happen to you (me) due to a friend

Any suggestions thanks