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Re: Fessing up
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the real issue is sometimes they can be right with some things and then wrong with others...they are consistently inconsistent lol, so even if they were right once, doesn't mean they will be again.

that's why you really can't depend on them.

Agree. And its kinda worse when they are mostly right, I track obsessively, go figure! And her hit rate has been really high for me and people I know in the real world lol, only a coupla duds, which makes the pressure really high inside me. Got a small one coming up September, but the biggie is April.
Writing this helped me swear off any other psychics since I posted, thank you you guys! Who knows by the time April rolls around maybe I wont give a damn ;D

This may sound like a cliche but keep yourself busy, if there's a hobby that you enjoy I would suggest engrossing yourself in that. I have a main hobby that keeps me occupied most of the time but I do still relapse at times. I relapsed yesterday but this last reading I had and even reading this post makes me more determined to focus on myself and let things unfold.

Keeping yourself busy will take your mind off worrying about impending predictions and reaching out to psychics.

Lol, Lady C just rereading what you wrote, its been helpful. Lol because the first thing I did to 'take my mind off' was go through all the readings from my go to for nearly 18 months and rate how many hits, how many duds  ;D Likely NOT what you mean! All good tho, cos it gave me some peace which has lasted and i have moved on to not psychic things to do!! Ty again