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Psychic Source Review
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:23:14 AM »
So I wanted to go ahead and post  my review explaining my experiences with Psychic Source. Before I go on though, I'm NOT posting this to hate on the site purposely or praise it for that matter. This is merely my perspective on my experiences with this site.

One thing I notice is that many of the psychics are good at picking up what's going on currently. An example: Years ago, I was dating a girl that, I assumed, was happy with me. I happened to call and ask about it, and sure enough, one of the psychics( I don't remember who) picked up that she was second guessing things. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous cause everything seemed to by going well. Sure enough, a day or two later, she voiced that she was uncertain about things with us. I've had other similar situations where the psychics were able to pick up what was currently going on or accurately describe characteristics about a person that I knew were true.

THAT SAID, while being accurate about current situations is a strength, predicting future events is a whole other issue. I've had a few future events predicted, but the majority of them (mostly with relationships) never panned out. I don't necessarily see this as a major problem though (to a degree) since free will does kick in. I've learned the hard way that while psychics can be helpful in getting insight into a situation and giving a probable outcome, at the end of the day, they're not God. They're just picking up on situations and giving you THEIR perspective on what's going on and what they see. It doesn't necessarily mean that what they say is definitive. Who's to say that free will doesn't kick in OR that they're perspective on the situation isn't entirely accurate?

What I do see as a HUGE problem though are the fairy tale psychics that tell you what you want to hear. You know, the ones that promise that everything is going to be great and better than ever when they know damn well that they're feeding you crap. The worst part is that alot of these psychics  are the popular expensive ones on Psychic Source. Go figure. These psychics gave me these fairy tale readings that, while they made me feel good at the moment, turned out to be TOTALLY false. Keep in mind that alot of these people calling are people that are either devastated over a significant other or are going through hardcore issues. The worst thing you can do to them is feed them info that is false and is going to make them feel worse when they find out what they were told was not true at all. It's irresponsible and, with some of the ridiculous prices that some of them charge (11.99 a minute?? Yeah right...), extremely

Overall, whether or not you decide to use Psychic Source is up to you. While I'm not proud to admit it, I went through a psychic addiction that, while not so bad that it left me broke, did leave me with a significantly high credit card bill that I'm paying off. I'm thankful that I found it in me to not depend on the site and cut down drastically before I REALLY had true financial issues. Others are not so lucky.  This is why I'm posting this review. If you're going to use Psychic Source, I would suggest carefully reading the reviews  before you choose a psychic. Look for whether or not they were accurate or if predictions came true as opposed to reviews that say "I felt so good" or " they were so nice". The pricey popular ones are FILLED with those reviews, and I learned the hard way that they earned those reviews by telling their customers what they want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear. Like I said, I had some decent experiences that turned out to be accurate, and I had not so great experiences that were really the equivalent of throwing your money down the toilet. I hope this helps people that are curious about Psychic Source.
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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 08:54:58 PM »
I would have to agree. I read with a lot of them on there before I picked on goto that I go to on Oranum. 90% of them were fairytale readers. Only 1 psychic on there I am still waiting on her prediction to come to pass, and that would be Faith. She saw hers at least a year out and she explained this to me as to why it was so far away. Other than that Lucy was a good one but she has since left PS. She was the only one who saw something in July of 2017 that happened.

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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2018, 11:09:22 PM »
The reviews on Psychic Source are NOT honest.  I have left negative feedback fro their best psychics on a number of occasions and they were removed from their site. 

Of these fairytale readers Danielle x7913 is the WORST one, I begged her to please be honest with me and told her I was feeling suicidal and she still gave me a line of complete BS, the total opposite happened.

 I also suspect that the psychic Therese is one of the owners of the site as none of her negative feedback has ever been posted. 

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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2018, 01:25:28 AM »
I also suspect that the psychic Therese is one of the owners of the site as none of her negative feedback has ever been posted.

I suspect your correct, lol!

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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #4 on: October 05, 2018, 11:55:01 AM »
 but the reviews seem of many seem to be good saying 'accurate, prediction happened' .. but then on speaking to those i wasn't sure if what they said is accurate.

can you be clear and list the names of the people you spoke with who you now know were not being honest at all with the situation and maybe list those whose short term predictions transpired?

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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2018, 02:07:57 PM »
Danielle used to read on CS and Psychic Access and I am so put off by that. She gives unbelievable fairy tales. I called her so much and felt so good after. Her timing. Poop. Therese was never accurate for me. People LOVE her on that site and the 2x I read with her I got nothing. Makes me wonder if I cannot be read. So I, too, do not recommend them.

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Re: Psychic Source Review
« Reply #6 on: January 03, 2019, 09:52:14 PM »
They controlling the rating system you can't leave a bad rating on there  premium psychics. I try to leave a bad feedback for one of there premium psychics after they nothing they had said come to pass and it never show up on that psychics page.