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Movie/TV “psychics”
« on: June 13, 2018, 02:33:46 AM »
Do they help? But they’re definitely fascinating a good distraction. And maybe I’ve been watching too many mojo YouTube.

The Gift (the one with Katie Holmes and Cate Blanchett) - based on billy bob Thornton mom, wait what?! -yes! Apparently this is movie is based on that? Not sure how true it is and if anything I have tons of questions for Mr Thornton and am curious if his mom had anything to say when he dated Angelina Jolie... but I really liked this featured psychic movie. The flaw here is Cate Blanchett character uses ESP cards to read people.

House of spirits - “Clara” is played by Meryl Streep. Based on Isabelle Allende novel... very loosely, but also criticized for white cast as Antonio Banderas as it’s only Latin lead. Still I really love this movie for its psychic portrayal.
Clara name literally translated to “the clear one”. Or light haired one. My favorite “psychic” moment is when she is a child she has a line of people waiting for her to read them. This one lady is asking why her boyfriend doesn’t like her anymore and she says it’s cause of her perfume. Just after she the tell governor to place a bet on horse that will win to help with his financial gambling problem.

What a like about this psychic movie/book (no I haven’t book) is that as a psychic gets some predictions wrong.

Women on top
Starting Penelope Cruz, which is so vivacious... but her psychic is Caribbean voodoo lady. If anything this just inspires me to make my own magic.

Does practical magic count?... but I feel it’s less psychic and more whimsical. I read the book after the movie and guess what there is prequel novel that came out last fall, I just finished it and I did really enjoy this book... hope they don’t make this into a movie.

And of course who forget

Medium and Ghost Whisper...

Do you know of any other psychic movie/book worth distracting yourself instead?