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My story and my current situation
« on: June 08, 2018, 01:22:21 AM »
ETA: First off, just want to apologize for this being so long. I really needed to vent and get all of this out there.

So I had my first psychic reading back in 2012. I saw an advertisement for a free 6 minute reading on psychic access so I decided to give it a try. I was about 6 months pregnant at the time and the psychic I spoke with (Dawn Star) immediately picked that up without me saying anything and she was also able to correctly tell me the sex of the baby. I was blown away. She was also able to accurately pick up on other details of my current situation. She didnt make any real predictions other than telling me that everything would work out in the end. I couldnt believe how dead on she was and this began my addiction.

I called psychics every now and then over the next several years. I would have periods where I was calling very frequently and there would be other times where I didnt need to at all. The past couple years especially were really rough. I went through some really bad relationships and breakups and calling psychics was the only thing that made me feel better and gave me hope for a positive outcome. I mostly used california psychics, psychicaccess, and keen. I don't want to even think about all the money I've spent in total. I'm sure it's over $10,000 at least. 

Every now and then a psychic would accurately predict a contact timeframe or some other small detail and it kept me coming back despite the fact that the vast majority were WAY wrong. A lot of psychics would have excellent reads on current situations but would be completely off with predictions and timeframes. California Psychics was the worst site I have ever used. 95% of the readers on there were fairytale readers and nothing they said ever came true, plus it was way overpriced. So glad that I eventually deleted my account on there.

I had a reading back in January where I was told that I would be getting into a serious relationship around May. That was around the time when me and my boyfriend became official. In March, I was interested in and kind of seeing someone and Jade8928 told me that that would be ending and that I would be getting into a commitment with someone younger than me who I was already familiar with. She saw it happening in 3 weeks to 3 months. My relationship with that person ended compltely about 3 weeks later. My boyfriend was 3 years younger than me and we used to be coworkers years ago. We randomly started talking on social media in that timeframe and it kind of came out of nowhere. I never thought the two of us would actually end up dating. Things were going really well really quickly. I read with Jade again in April and she saw us breaking up and getting back together and she also accurately predicted the timeframe for us becoming official.

Things were truly great during our relationship. It was new and fast but familiar at the same time. I can honestly say I don't think I'd ever felt so happy before. I quickly got to know his friends and family and he got to know mine, including my daughter which was extremely important to me. She was crazy about him. Me and my daughter spent memorial day with him and his family and everyone had an amazing time. I felt like he was starting to get a bit distant for the first time though. He is in the army and will be deployed for the entirety of next year. He also would be back and forth doing military duties this summer. We just enjoyed our time together and didnt talk a whole bunch about the deployment other than that we said we would miss each other. He kind of avoided getting too deep in the emotional aspect of the topic. He had a 2 week military assignment out of state starting this past Monday. He became incredibly distant in the few days leading up to him going away. I called Jade again and she said she got confusion from him, and him wanting to make peace with me. She said she got a 2 for timing and said there would be peace between us between then and June 22nd. She also said that there was long term potential there. I did not hear from him at all for about 3 days and when I finally did, he was extremely short. This was all via text as he would not answer my calls. I told him that I was worried and feeling a bit hurt that he had been avoiding talking to me. He finally told me that he had been rethinking the life he'd leave behind when he left and he wasn't sure what he wanted anymore. It was clear he was rethinking us and I let him know that I cared about his feelings and just wished he would talk to me about it once he got back.

The next day he sent me an extremely long text breaking up with me. He said it wouldnt be fair to me and my daughter for him to leave us for a year and that it would be less painful to just end it now before it would hurt more. I cried my eyes out and felt completely devastated. That was on Tuesday and I have not responded ever since and I've hear nothing else back from him either. I have had a few readings. Hilary80 on keen said she saw me having his child next year. She said I'd hear from him in a week and we'd talk about getting back together in August and that we'd be back together in September. She said our relationship would be on and off once he returns from deployment.

Jacklyn on psychicaccess told me we were not done and he would really start to miss me. She said that in 6 weeks, he would really hurt and miss me and realize that there is no reason we cant be together. She said he comes back in 4 months and we get back together. She says that he's thought about me as the mother of his children. When she read me, the cards that fell out were the lovers card, the marriage card, and the future card. She said that this typically means it'll happen quickly and I'll get what I want. She said I need to go silent and wait 6 weeks.

Isadora on psychicaccess got the same answer 3 times from different decks. We are getting married and have a daughter together. He is coming back with 10 of cups. She got the 6 of swords for travel before i told her it was military. He may have taken bad advice from someone and he's trying to pull away from his own hurt. She saw him looking at my photographs while he's gone and realizing he's in love with me and can't live without me. I told her that i already have a daughter and she said it will be a blended family and she saw a little one in a stroller at the airport. He won't be able to let me go, he'll just be missing me while he's gone. She said end of July/August for contact. She sees me meeting him at the airport. She sees reconciliation before he leaves. She said this is settled and will work out. Don't reach out to him, wait for him to miss me. She was very confident and said not to even question it.

I also want to note than when I got a 10 general predictions from Leanne last December she predicted me becoming pregnant this year or next. I've had so many readings over the years and the only other time pregnancy was brought up for me was 6 years ago and it was actualy true. I'm honestly shocked that so many readers are seeing similar things. I'm not sure what to believe or what will actually happen. All I can do is wait and see how things pan out. I'm really hoping that we do end up getting back together and work things out but I'm terrified of that being wrong.

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Re: My story and my current situation
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 04:15:45 PM »
First off I wanted to say that I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I know how painful it is and I went through a similar situation when my current POI left me over his own life issues, as well as likely the large somewhat impractical age difference between us.

I'm just going to say it now. Stop calling psychics. They will only create more confusion and you will waste your money. No one on psychic access was right for me about anything. I went through the same thing with keen and California psychics, where they seemed insightful on present details, but no predictions happened ever.

I would say that all is not lost and he may very well come back, but yes, I would suggest waiting a few weeks and maybe try contacting him to see if he has left the door open at all.

I completely understand the reason he broke up with you because military relationships are extremely difficult to maintain, and there's always the possibility that something could happen to him. It does make it hard for you, and probably even harder for him to focus on his tasks in the military when he has you on his mind.

I wish you luck in this matter. Please cut back on psychics though, it just makes things 10x worse if the person doesn't come back and you spent all of this money to hear from dozens of readers that they would.