Author Topic: My predictions that came true! (and surprised they did...!)  (Read 1569 times)

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My predictions that came true! (and surprised they did...!)
« on: December 28, 2017, 12:03:10 AM »
So, over the holidays my boyfriend's mom kept begging him to bring me with him. He was hesitant and I wasn't sure if it was going to be a straight yes or no. He loves to do things last minute and unfortunately for me, I am SO the opposite hahaha.

So I called a bunch of readers for the only reason of they KEPT telling me yes, no and maybe. The ones who said yes were really on point because they said he'd either do it the day before he leaves or the day after. I really thought they'd be wrong but it turned out that he in fact, did ask me the day before. One reader even got the date correct (I didn't tell her). Here is who got it right!

1. Tara (CA Psychics)- she was VERY very VERY adamant that I was going to go. I felt defeated and she was like "there is absolutely no way you won't be there, but I promise it'll be a very last minute thing" and lo-and-behold she was right

2. Rika (CA Psychics)- I always rave about her. When I called her the first time to ask she was like "100% you are going to be there" and as time got closer (maybe I called 4 days before he asked) and she said that it might not happen but if it does, it'll be on the 23 and it'll be super super last minute. Guess what? He asked on the 23

3. Jessica/ravenstar (psychic bitwine)- since the beginning of me asking her, she was like, no matter what it's going to happen. Even if he's there he's going to call and ask you to come. He WILL ask, but it will be last minute. Even the day before he did, she was VERY strong about her prediction. And it happened.

4. This is meeehhhhh but Mehraani (psychic bitwine) was sort of like, it's his freewill whether he will or not, but I think he might. If not, he'd feel very guilty being there without you. The only reason why I mention it is that he told me himself he would have felt that way if I didn't go and was happy I did.

So yeah! That's about it! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!