Author Topic: Readings and Alcohol  (Read 1751 times)

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Readings and Alcohol
« on: August 25, 2017, 01:38:33 AM »
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Re: Readings and Alcohol
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Any information/opinions on the effect of alcohol on readings?? I don't think you should get a reading drunk but do you think a glass of wine affects accuracy? Maybe the one glass or a few sips helps you have less racing thoughts/energy so its easier to be read or maybe its the opposite where it clouds your energy for the reader.  I have the odd glass here and there, but sometimes I would not have a glass in hopes I could read with a psychic later. Odd I know.  I've googled this many times and believe it or not its hard to find some good info.

I've gotten a few readings while i was wasted and extremely emotional at the same time. I think the reader had some trouble picking up on things. I found when i got readings while high on marijuana they were actually really amazing. maybe it was just my imagination but i think marijuana opens up your senses and energy a lot more.  I wouldn't think that a few glasses of wine would affect the quality much, i would think it would help because you're much more open and relaxed, but being severely intoxicated is a different story.
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Re: Readings and Alcohol
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it depends on the person tbh. some people get heightened intuition when drinking or smoking as you're uninhibited and can connect better. for others it works the reverse. i don't think it would work if you're wasted but just a buzz shouldn't be too bad and could open you up. i've always felt more connected and more intuitive when i'm buzzed. i don't know why but it works well for me.